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Here you'll find Brex Empower’s latest spend management innovations — designed to help your company drive financial discipline and efficiency.



Creating budgets allows you to give employees a pre-approved spending amount for a specific purpose, such as travel or conferences. Employees can use a single card to spend from different budgets. They’ll simply use the Brex dashboard or mobile app to select which budget the expense should draw from, and they can update it at any time.


Automatic budget selection

Employees can use their Brex card to spend from multiple budgets; they simply select the desired budget (via app or dashboard) before making a purchase. To ensure that no spend is slowed or blocked, if employees make a purchase without selecting a budget first, it will automatically be assigned to their highest-limit budget — and they can easily reassign it to a different budget if needed later.


Custom budget approval routing

Finance admins can now assign different approvers for specific budget and limit increase requests. This feature adds flexibility and speed to the approval process while still providing managers and controllers with full visibility into company spend. Customizable budget approval routing also extends to budget templates for faster onboarding and budget provisioning.


Expense policy creator

Now, controllers can easily create and manage expense policies via the dashboard with review and documentation requirements for specific merchants or categories. You can also configure review chains for card expenses and reimbursements at the individual policy and budget level for more granular control of spend. And to quickly update or archive a policy, controllers can simply navigate to the “Saved Policies” page.

Flexible budget limits

Budgets make it easy to assign pre-approved spending amounts to employees for a set purpose, such as travel or team offsites. And you can customize a flexible limit to avoid blocking business-critical spend. For example, you could add 10% flexibility to a travel budget so the employee’s card won’t be declined if they encounter an unexpected travel expense.

Budget increase requests

If a business need or opportunity arises, employees can quickly ask for a spending increase by requesting a new budget or an increase in a current budget via their Brex dashboard. They can simply click “New Request” and fill in the form to provide context and the request will then be routed for approval, a process that controllers can customize.

Self-serve budget programs

With self-serve budget programs, finance admins can set up automated budget provisioning rules for new employees. When employees onboard, the correct budgets will be automatically created or assigned. Finance admins can create and manage budget programs, as well as delete unused budgets and archive used budgets, in the Brex dashboard.

Rules-based auto provisioning

Admins can set up rules for budget programs to provision budget limits automatically based on factors like employee role and location. For example, set it up so that all US finance employees automatically get a $1,000 monthly budget for T&E, saving you time and ensuring consistency and financial discipline.

Budget-specific expense policies

Minimize the need for manager reviews and make it easy for employees to spend in policy by creating a unique expense policy for each budget. Policies will be presented to employees clearly, in context of the specific budget, and you can edit them at any time. The policy will apply to every transaction assigned to the budget, whether it’s wire or card swipe.

Nested budgets

Nested budgets are essentially budgets within budgets, allowing for more granular control of spend. Like budgets, nested budgets can either have rigid or flexible limits. However, if the top level budget has a hard limit, a transaction in the nested budget will decline if it would put the parent budget over its limit.

Budget invitations

Finance admins can invite new users and assign budgets in their Brex dashboard. They’ll be able to populate and preview user details such as name, department, role, and manager. The invite will incorporate rules from budget programs so invited users will get the correct sets of budgets based on department, location, cost center, and legal entities.


Expenses and reimbursements

Brex Empower makes it easy to confidently enable global spending end empower employees while creating a culture of financial discipline at scale.


Google Chrome extension

Our Google Chrome extension enables employees to upload receipts and view their Brex cards with one click. Users can access their Brex cards anywhere on the web and submit receipts from their browser to make closing out expenses even easier. Stay tuned for more extension features and support for additional browsers like Safari. Visit the Chrome web store to download the extension.


Global, bulk, and mileage reimbursements

US and global employees can submit bulk or one-time reimbursement requests via the Brex dashboard and mobile app. International employees can get fast reimbursement payments in their local currency and local bank account. Employees can also calculate an expected mileage reimbursement based on the updated IRS rate of 63.5 cents/mile (as of July 1, 2022).

Commenting on expenses

Employees, managers, and controllers can conduct expense-specific conversations right in the Brex dashboard for better accountability and speed. For example, an employee can add a comment to an expense asking about the appropriate memo for faster resolution, supporting greater compliance and efficiency.

Auto-validation of receipts

Brex Empower will automatically detect when an uploaded receipt doesn't match the expense and flag it to the employee for correction and the Audit team for review. This takes the burden off managers, who will continue to only have to review exceptions. This feature is available on the Brex dashboard and the Brex mobile app.

Split or itemized expenses

Controllers can split individual expenses across multiple budgets to manage your spend on a more granular level. You can now split a single expense into individual line items and attribute each line item to a different budget. Then each budget's expense policy and rules will be automatically applied.

Automated receipts for travel

You can allow your employees to select Brex as the expense management provider and have their Lyft ride receipts automatically forwarded and matched to the corresponding expenses on Brex. If you use Travelbank, you can also allow admins to set Brex as the expense management provider for the company under Travelbank's Integrations page and have all receipts automatically forwarded to Brex.

Automated bill pay

Automate your accounts payable process with our bill pay feature. Pay invoices by forwarding your bills and invoices by email to Brex, or have your vendors send them to us. No more data entry! Send scheduled or one-time payments by wire, ACH, or check. Store vendor and financial data across systems so you don’t have to re-enter or verify with every payment.

Personal expense repayments

If an employee accidentally puts a personal expense on their Brex card, it’s easy to ensure the amount is repaid to your company. If an employee notices the personal expense on their Brex card, they can tag it to be repaid. If the manager or controller sees the employee’s personal expense on their Brex card, they can tag the expense as “repayment requested.”


Integrations and APIs

Brex Empower works seamlessly with the systems you already use through 1,000s of out-of-the-box configurable integrations and APIs to help your team work faster and more accurately.

Sage Intacct integration

By integrating Brex Empower with Sage Intacct, you can automatically export transactions to Sage Intacct with additional tracking categories and CSV template for easy import.

Universal ERP support via CSV

Brex can import your accounting data into Empower so you can map your accounting fields and create custom rules to automatically categorize transactions with the correct accounting classifications. This unlocks powerful workflows, like creating a rule to map budgets to project custom fields, so every expense in the budget is auto-tagged with the correct project.

QuickBooks integration

If you’re a new Empower customer, you can set up a QuickBooks integration from the Integrations page. If you're an existing Brex customer, once migrated to Empower, your integration settings, rules, mappings, and unexported expenses will be carried over — you will not need to reconnect your integration.

NetSuite multi-entity support

If you have multiple entities set up within NetSuite, whether domestic or international, we can seamlessly sync transactions across unlimited entities, helping you close your books faster. Empower also supports any custom field or segment enabled in your NetSuite instance. We can automatically code any field you need in Empower and export it directly to NetSuite.

Extended API support

The Pending Transactions API has been enhanced to provide real-time access to card authorizations and enable API users to modify expense information such as memo, department and location, and upload and download receipts.

Automated HRIS offboarding

Maintaining security and compliance at scale is easier with automation. That’s why, through HRIS integration, Brex will automatically suspend and lock all spending abilities when an employee is deemed “terminated” in Workday.


Global capabilities

Brex Empower is your single solution for global spend. Cards work in 100+ countries, reimbursements are fast and global, and you have a single view of worldwide spend, all in one system.

Exchange rate visibility

With Brex Empower, you can see your transactions in your company’s base currency and in the local currency where the expense was incurred, along with the foreign exchange rate applied. This feature is applied to all transactions across for Brex cards, Brex Cash accounts, and international reimbursements.

Chip and PIN on all cards

As a Brex Empower customer, you can set card PINs for any card (virtual and physical) through your dashboard or mobile app for added security. This is a requirement for card transactions in many locations in and outside of the US and will reduce transaction declines. New Brex cards shipped will also include chips for contactless payment support.


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