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Can I set up automatic transfers to maintain my Brex business account balance?

You can always transfer funds into your Brex business account on a one-off basis, but to help maintain a minimum balance, you can also set up automatic transfers to trigger when your account balance falls below a certain point. As an account admin, you can do this by following the steps below.

In your dashboard

Step 1: Go to Accounts > Business Account, choose the business account you want to set a minimum balance for, and click Manage account > Set up minimum balance.

Step 2: Fill out the details of your automatic transfer, which includes all of the following:

  • Maintain minimum balance of: The balance that’ll be maintained in your Brex business account. If your account falls below this amount, the next transfer will make up the difference.

    • For example: If you set your minimum balance to $1,000,000, and it falls to $750,000, you can expect the next transfer to be for the amount of $250,000.

  • Transfer from: The connected bank account where the transfer will pull from.

  • Initiate transfer on: The day of the week that we check to see if your balance has fallen below its threshold. If it has, this is also the day that an automatic transfer will occur.

    • The note below this selection tells you when to expect the payment arrival.

Step 3: Click Set up.

Your Brex business account minimum balance is now set. To edit this in the future, go to Accounts > [Brex business account name] > Minimum balance [amount]. Here, you can change the parameters, or toggle Minimum balance off to stop maintaining a minimum balance. Doing so will cancel any minimum balance transfers.

If your automatic transfer fails

If your automatic transfer fails, you’ll receive an email that tells you the cause of failure and how to fix it. While the failed transfer won’t reinitiate, it’s important to address the problem to make next week’s automatic transfer successful.

If your transfer fails due to insufficient funds, you’ll be prompted to add more funds to your designated external account.

If your transfer fails due to a broken bank connection, you can reconnect it using the steps in How can I reconnect my bank to Brex?.

If your transfer fails due to your account’s ACH debit limits, you’ll need to lower your automatic transfer threshold. You can also contact Brex Support for assistance.

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