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Can I customize my users’ permissions?

The permissions any given team member has on your account are determined by their role type. You can find a summary of the actions each role type has permission for in this help article.

However, there are additional permissions that you can assign to your users regardless of their role type.

Individual permissions

Account and card admins can customize a user’s permission at the time of invitation. To update permissions later on, admins can do so from the dashboard by following the steps below.

Step 1: In your dashboard, go to Team.

Step 2: Click on the team member whose permissions you want to adjust.

Step 3: Expand the Roles & access section, and toggle on or off any of the following:

  • Spend on a Brex card: Toggling this on lets a user transact using assigned Brex cards. For most role types, this is toggled on by default. If this is toggled off, the user will be considered a reimbursement-only user.

  • Submit reimbursements: Toggling this on lets a user request reimbursements for business spend on their personal cards. For most role types, this is toggled on by default.

  • Brex Plus Manage bills: Toggling this on lets you checkmark whether you want to let a user draft bills, approve payments, or both. The exact actions this will allow your team member to complete are outlined in the table below.


Draft bills enabled

Approve payments enabled

Both enabled

Read bill

Create/forward bill

Submit/update bills

(if initiator)

Approve money movement

Assign any bill pay enabled budget to a bill

Mark a bill as paid

(if initiator)

  • Brex Plus Access Brex travel: Toggling this on allows users to access Brex travel. To customize this, you can also adjust the following:

    • Book trips: Toggling this on lets the user book trips for themselves through the Brex travel portal.

    • Manage company travel: Toggling this on allows the user to manage and organize the company’s travel, including planning and managing employee travel.

      • Once assigned, you can view a user’s access in their Access column on the Teams page.


Book trips enabled

Manage company travel enabled

View and book your own trips

View and edit trips for others (outside of copilot mode)

View travel insights

Set up direct pricing

Set up user provisioning for travel

Personal card reimbursement for travel

View travel billing changes and invoices

View and redeem unused tickets

Set preferred travel vendors

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