How do I add entities and employees to Brex?

Brex lets you easily manage all your spend across multiple subsidiaries and countries from a single dashboard. Map your legal* entities in Brex to the correct entities in NetSuite so that you can report and analyze your spend at any level.

To add your entities and employees to Brex, navigate to Team > Legal entities. All companies will have one default entity already created.

Adding subsidiary entities manually

Step 1: Navigate to Team in your dashboard.

Step 2: Under Legal entities, click Add legal entity.

Note: Brex has a regulatory obligation to collect and verify Know Your Customer (KYC) information on each legal entity prior to providing any financial services.

Specifying an employee's entity manually

Step 1: When manually inviting an employee, click Add users > Invite by email.

Step 2: Under the Select legal entity dropdown, select their legal entity.

Alternatively, if the employee is already in Brex, go to Team > Company, select the employee, and change their entity under the Legal entity dropdown.

Deleting entities manually

Step 1: Navigate to Team > Legal entities.

Step 2: Click on the row with the legal entity you’d like to delete.

Step 3: A panel should open on the right side of your screen (full screen on mobile). If the entity has zero employees assigned to it and is not a separately-billed entity, click Delete at the bottom of the panel.

Adding employees via CSV import

You can add new employees to your account in bulk through a CSV upload by following the instructions in How do I invite new users in bulk via CSV?. At the time of upload, Empower customers can designate that employee’s Legal entity.

*Legal entity in this context refers to an independently incorporated company having a unique legal entity identifier (LEI).

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