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A first-time account admin or a bookkeeper can automate your accounting workflows on Brex to export expenses directly to your ERP or download them as a CSV file. If your account doesn’t have a Brex business account, a card admin can also set up an integration and go through this flow.

To set up your accounting tab for the first time, please follow our guidelines below.

Step 1: On your dashboard, go to Accounting > Get started > Start.

Step 2: Select your integration from the list of options and press Continue. If you don’t see your integration, click on Don’t see your integration to enter manually or upload a CSV.

Step 3: Follow the prompts on the screen and click Continue to move forward when complete. After enabling token authentication and reviewing your connection, you’ll be redirected to the Accounting page in your dashboard.

Step 4: Click Get started at the top of the screen once the button turns orange, and click Set up your GL details. Automated mappings will appear under Suggested mappings for you to review.

ERP integration

If you have an ERP, you’ll first want to connect it to Brex. In your dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations and use the search bar to find your ERP. Follow the prompts to connect your ERP or contact Support if you need help. Once your ERP is connected, your accounting fields will be imported and available for use on Brex transactions. If you don’t have an ERP, you can also download transactions via CSV.

Accounting journal

As an admin or controller, you have access and can delegate access to the Brex accounting journal, where you’ll find tools to help you close the books. When you click Accounting from your dashboard, you’ll get a high-level overview of where your transactions are in the close process.

Two-step process of creating journal entries

The accounting journal was optimized for AP teams with two roles in mind: a preparer and an exporter. For some companies, this may be the same person, but the two-step process can still be beneficial for ensuring transactions are coded correctly.

HC - Accounting Tab 01

Transactions to prepare

The moment that transactions occur, they’ll enter the Transactions to prepare table. AP team members can use this table to prepare transactions for their general ledger by categorizing their accounting fields. The fields shown here are a mix of Brex expense fields (ex: Merchant) and any custom accounting fields you create or import from your ERP. You can customize which fields appear in the table by clicking the gear icon. Once the transaction is coded correctly, check its box or use a filter to select a group and click Mark as prepared. These transactions will now move on to the Review and export stage.

Review and export

Transactions in the Review and export table are ready for a final review before exporting. The accounting fields are locked, but employees can still add memos and receipts. If the reviewer finds an error in the coding of a transaction, they can click Send back to prepare. If you’re ready to export the transaction to your ERP or download it via CSV file, click Export. Exported transactions are cleared from the Export screen to avoid double bookings, but if you need to find previously exported transactions, you can find them on the Expenses page.

Accounting automation

Save time on your closing process by using mappings and custom rules that automatically code transactions for you.


These are simple rules that look for a single transaction field and then apply a categorization on another field. Example: If a transaction has Merchant: DoorDash, then set GL account to 531100 Meals. Learn more about mappings in this help article.

Custom rules

These can be used to find transactions that share more than one common field and apply a categorization. Example: If a transaction has Merchant: Apple and Budget: Design, then set GL account to 16000 Computer Equipment. To learn more about custom rules, read this help article.

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