Vendor spend migration

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We offer a streamlined process to help you transition your vendor spend over to our platform when you first sign up for Brex. This allows you to maximize your rewards from day one.

Adding vendors

You can add vendors by reaching out to your account representative, who will ask for a list of your vendors in CSV format. This list should include your vendor names, addresses, phone numbers, and annual spend amount. You can refer to your ERP integration to pull this information accordingly.

  • Quickbooks
  • Netsuite
  • Sage
  • Xero

Note: We’ll assess your vendor list to determine which vendors can put Brex cards on file for recurring payments.

Migrating spend in your dashboard

Once your vendors have been uploaded, admins can migrate spend in the dashboard or delegate the spend migration to others by following the steps below: Step 1: Go to Cards and Limits and click Migrate spend to Brex. You’ll see an overview of all vendors added to your account, including their migration status and annual spend. Step 2: If you haven’t already, set up your account’s auto-pay and invite any users who’ll be involved in the migration of the vendor spend. Step 3: Click on the cardholder cell and assign a user with card access. The cardholder will be responsible for migrating the assigned card to the vendor. They should have access to the vendor login details to update the card information. Step 4: Use the dropdown to create a limit for that specific vendor and choose between a shared or private limit. Step 5: As part of the spend limit creation flow, create a new virtual card that will be permanently assigned to the new spend limit. Step 6: If you’re the assigned cardholder, click Migrate for each vendor. If you aren’t, click Delegate to send a migration email request to another cardholder. Step 7: In the details window, you’ll see the card number and assigned spend limit. Click the card details to copy and then log in to your vendor portal to update your payment information. Step 8: Once completed, click Mark as migrated in your Brex dashboard to indicate that this vendor has been migrated successfully. Note: Some vendors will have a URL that leads you directly to the vendor’s login or help center. To complete the migration for these vendors, follow the URL and update your payment details using the steps above or the steps outlined in their help center.

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