How do I set up mapping rules to auto-categorize my transactions?

Mapping rules can be created within the Brex dashboard to automate accounting categorization of transactions — saving hours of time each month and reducing errors. Mapping rules can be set for any accounting fields brought in directly from your accounting software or custom fields created in the Brex dashboard. To create new custom fields, please see How can I set up a new accounting field?.

Brex admins and bookkeepers can set mapping rules, by following the steps below.

Step 1: Click Integrations on the left side of the dashboard.

Step 2: Click the three dots and Manage on your active integration.

Step 3: Click Mappings.

Step 4: Here you will see any accounting fields brought in through your integration or created in the Brex dashboard. Click the dropdown to expand the accounting field mapping.

Step 5: Click the expense field to select the Brex datasource that you want to leverage when creating the rule. Brex data sources include categories, cost centers, departments, legal entities, locations, and merchants.

Note: By default, category mapping and merchant mapping will be enabled for GL accounts. To learn more about category mapping please see What is category mapping?. To learn more about merchant mapping please see How do I create a merchant rule?.

Step 6: Click Add mapping.

Step 7: Based on the selected Brex datasource, select the value you want to leverage in the dropdown on the left and map to the preferred accounting field value on the right.

Mapping rules will apply to any transactions that have not yet been exported via the Review & export page and can be edited at any time.

To delete a mapping rule, hover over the specific line you would like deleted and click the X that populates to the left. To change the Brex datasource, please first delete each mapping rule line.

Note: Custom rules will override any mapping rules set on this page. To learn how to set custom rules, please see How do I create a custom rule?.

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