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How to create mappings to auto-code accounting fields?

Mappings can automate your accounting categorization and reduce your time spent manually coding. You can map your expense fields to the accounting fields in your ERP or even to custom fields you have in Brex. To create new custom fields, please see this help article.

Create mappings

Account admins, card admins, and bookkeepers can set mappings by following these steps:

Step 1: Go to Accounting > Manage accounting fields > Mappings.

Step 2: Scroll down and find the Accounting field you want to auto-code in the Mappings section. Expand the dropdown and select an expense field source you want to map (e.g. Brex merchant).

Step 3: Click Add mapping.

Step 4: Select the expense field value you want to map in the dropdown on the left and set the auto-coded accounting field on the right.

Mappings will apply to all transactions that have not yet been exported. In the event of a conflict, any custom rules you have set up will override mappings. To learn how to create custom rules, please check out this help article.

Mapping suggestions

Based on our accounting data, we might suggest mappings for you to consider creating. For example, if you frequently assign certain GL accounts to transactions that have the same Brex category, we may suggest that mapping.

Suggestions can be found at Accounting > Transactions to prepare by clicking Suggestions.

HC - Custom Rules 01

From the details window, you can click the checkmark to accept the suggestion or the X mark to dismiss it. If you want to make changes, you can choose a different field from the dropdown menu and then click the checkmark to accept.

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