How do I update a budget?

Editing a budget

You can edit your budget at any time after you’ve created it. Most details of your budget can be updated, but some budget features, such as the budget’s currency, are permanent.

Step 1: Go to Budgets and click the tile for the budget you want to update.

Step 2: Click the three dots and select Edit budget.

Step 3: Update the fields beside the details you’d like to change. Do this on both pages, then click Review budget > Save changes.

Note: When you edit your budget’s recurrence, all approved and pending limit increases will be canceled.

Moving a budget

Controllers have the ability to reassign a given budget’s parent budget from their dashboard on the All Budgets page or from the Budget Details page.

Step 1: In Budgets, find the budget you want to move and click the three dots to the right.

Step 2: Select Move budget.

Step 3: Select the new parent budget you’d like to assign.

Step 4: Click Confirm.

Note: Budgets can only be reassigned to different budget whose limits, limit currency, restrictions, and policies are aligned. For example, you wouldn’t be able to move a budget that would exceed the hard limit of the new parent budget or a budget that allows transactions at a gas station into a budget that restricts purchases that fall into the Gas & Fuel category.

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