What is the Brex API?

The Brex API is an automation layer that can be used in the following ways to customize Brex workflows.

  • Spend limits API: To view and manage your Brex spend limits.

  • Expenses API: To view expense categories, capture, and report on spend.

  • Payments API: To initiate ACH, check, and wire payments and manage vendors from your Brex business accounts.

  • Team API: To manage users, departments, locations, and create virtual cards.

  • Transactions API: To surface your company’s Brex transactional data in external apps or tools.

Get started by reading documentation in our developer portal. Having technical issues? Please reach out to developer-support@brex.com. For more general questions, contact our support team through your Brex dashboard.

Who is the API for?

To build on Brex’s API, developers will need account admin or card admin access. The Roles and permissions page has more details.

What can I do with the API?

You are welcome to use your company’s Brex data for the automation solutions you have in mind. Here are a few examples of what you can do with each API:

Spend limits API

  • Dynamically create spend limits with the ability to set limits, assign who can spend from it, and more.

  • Instantly change spend limit limits, spend limit members, and more.

  • View spend limit details including limits and spend.

Expenses API

  • Access expense information, such as spend categories, memos, and receipts, edited by customers.

  • Accurately capture and report on spend.

Payments API

  • Trigger vendor payments via ACH, wire, and check based on information in other internal systems so payments are initiated immediately.

    • If you plan to send more than 1,000 payments per month, please contact developer-support@brex.com for more details on use of the payments API.

  • Automatically create new vendors in Brex based on your records in other systems.

Team API

  • Dynamically create virtual cards with spend limits for new employees or vendors.

  • Change spending limits per card instantly.

  • Lock any number of Brex employee or vendor cards with one line of code.

  • Invite new Brex users or terminate them to keep Brex in sync with your HR system.

Transactions API

  • Surface real-time financial data where you make business-critical decisions—e.g., see your current Brex transactions and balance in your own finance dashboard.

  • View Brex data in external applications—e.g., pull transaction data into Google Sheets or Excel to create custom reports and charts.

  • Build bespoke analytics tools and monitoring for fine-tuned expense tracking.

Safeguards and security

Here are some ways that we help to keep your Brex data secure through the API:

  • Only account admins or card admins can create API tokens in the dashboard.

  • You can restrict scopes to only allow the functionality you need to access via API.

  • All account admins and card admins on the account receive an email confirmation every time a token is created or revoked.

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