How do I send and receive international wires?

Brex allows you to send international wires to and from your Brex account.

If you're arranging a domestic wire, you can find instructions in How do I receive a domestic wire or ACH?.

Inbound international wires

Please use the following details to send a wire from an international account to a Brex account. Note that we're unable to support transactions in certain regions, listed at the bottom of the page.

Step 1: Enter the following beneficiary bank information

  • SWIFT/BIC code: CHASUS33

  • SWIFT ABA/routing/transit number (if asked): 021000021

  • Bank name: JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.

  • Bank address: 270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Note: Brex doesn’t have an IBAN, as IBANs are, more often than not, exclusive to European institutions. If you’re trying to arrange a transfer into your Brex Cash account and the originator’s transfer form requires an IBAN, please reach out to the sending institution.

Step 2: Enter the following beneficiary information

  • Beneficiary name: Brex Treasury LLC

  • Beneficiary account number: 670912226

  • Beneficiary address: 405 Howard St. Floor 2, San Francisco, CA 94105

Step 3: Fill out the memo field as written below, replacing the information in brackets with your Brex Cash account details.

FFC [your company name], Account number [your 12 digit Brex Cash account number]

For example, if your company name was Acme Inc. and your account number was 111222333444, you would fill out the memo field as shown below. You can find your account number and details using our guide How do I find my account and routing number?.

CX- international wire

Note: If the sending institution’s online payment portal doesn’t have a memo / special instructions field, reach out to the bank directly to determine how to include a memo.

Outbound international wires

Wires sent from your Brex Cash account to an international receiving institution will arrive in local currency. They can be sent to any country listed in our article Where are international wires supported with Brex Cash?. Note that we're unable to support transactions in certain regions, listed in the “Unsupported regions” section at the bottom of the page.

For the instructions to send an outbound international wire, either through your dashboard or your app, read How do I send a payment with my Brex Cash account?.

When sending an international wire, you can send it in either USD or in local currency of the country. You’ll designate this on the How much do you want to send? page when going through the instructions in our article linked in the previous paragraph. You won’t be able to use your bill pay feature to send a local currency wire, however.

Unsupported regions

Brex cannot facilitate transactions with these regions:

  • Afghanistan

  • Antarctica

  • Cuba

  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)

  • Korea (Democratic People's Republic of)

  • South Sudan

  • Syrian Arab Republic

  • Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

Note: This list is ever evolving and is subject to change.


When sending funds internationally, you may incur a markup if currency exchange is required. Funds may be sent through third-party banks who may charge fees to cover their costs. Additionally, the remitter's bank may charge a fee to process the wire. All non-US dollar currencies received will be automatically converted to US dollars and credited to your account in US dollars upon receipt. For more details, please refer to our rates & fees schedule.

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