How do I review expenses?

Admins can review expenses that fall outside their company’s policy from the Brex dashboard. We’ll send weekly reminders to admins to review expenses for their direct reports.

All employee purchases that fall out of your policy will be flagged for review on the Expense review page under Expenses in your dashboard.

Use the search bar if you’d like to search for a specific transaction, user, or merchant within expense alerts.

Out-of-policy alerts can be filtered using the dropdown menus on the top right by department, user, or issue (missing receipt, memo, etc).

To resolve alerts, admins can click on each transaction individually or use the bulk selection tool by clicking the checkboxes on the left. Select from these actions:

  • Mark as reviewed: Approves the transaction.

  • Follow up: Sends an email reminder to the cardholder with an optional note. Cardholders can resolve missing receipt alerts by uploading a receipt per these instructions: How do I attach receipts to Brex transactions?.

  • Mute alert: Makes an exception and excludes the user or merchant from your policy.

If you accidentally approve a transaction, click Archive at the top of the Expense review page, find the transaction, and click Undo review.

Interested in revamping your expense policy? Read our comprehensive Corporate Card Expense Policy Guide for suggestions and considerations for stress-free expense management.

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