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This article refers to a feature that might not be available in your current Brex plan. If you'd like to learn more about this feature and how to unlock additional capabilities in Brex's upgraded plans, please have your account or card admin reach out to Brex Support by clicking on Support in your dashboard.


As soon as you have a Brex account, account and card admins can start inviting your team members to create user accounts of their own. There are multiple ways you can issue invitations depending on the overall size of your team and how many people you plan to invite at a time. When you send out an initial invitation, you can customize the user-to-be’s role and permissions. Once you’ve invited your user, they’ll receive an email inviting them to your Brex account. After clicking on the invite link, they’ll be asked to create a password and will be guided through the account activation workflow. You can also revoke this invitation at any time prior to their acceptance.

Invite users

Brex account admins can invite new users as any role type, while card admins can invite users as bookkeepers (provided you don’t have a Brex business account), employees, or card admins.

Individual invitation email

Step 1: In your dashboard, go to Team > Invite > Invite by email. Step 2: Fill out the first name, last name, and email of the new user you want to invite. You can invite more than one user at a time by pasting multiple email addresses into the box at a time. Note: The email address you enter is what the user will use to sign in to their Brex dashboard, but it doesn’t need to be a company email. Step 3: (Optional) You may also add the new user’s department and manager, as well as their location, legal entity, and cost center, if applicable. Step 4: Choose the role you want to assign to each new user. You'll also be able to preview the spend limits that they'll be assigned to, if any. Step 5: Toggle on or off any of the following permissions:

  • The user’s ability to spend on a card. If turned on, choose between one of the following:
    • The user can have employee cards, physical or digital, that can be assigned to any spend limit AND virtual cards that are permanently assigned to one spend limit
    • The user can ONLY have virtual cards that are permanently tied to one spend limit
  • The user’s ability to submit reimbursements.
  • The user’s ability to manage bills.
  • The user’s access to Brex travel.

You can find more information on permissions in this help article. Step 6: Click Send invite. The new user(s) will receive an invite email to onboard onto your account.

Via HRIS Premium Enterprise P-card

Brex’s Human Resource Information System (HRIS) integration helps to manage your Brex users from within your HRIS rather than from within the Brex dashboard. First, make sure your integration is set up before managing users. After receiving the email letting you know that the sync was successful, you can invite your team from the Brex dashboard. Follow the steps below to invite employees individually or in bulk. Step 1: Go to Team. Step 2: If there are members of your team to invite, there will be a count and a button that says Invite in the Manage team access widget. Step 3: Either check the box next to the employees you want to invite or paste their email address into the search bar. Step 4: Select the role for the employees you intend to invite. To invite users as they are added to your HRIS, turn on automatic invites by following these steps: Step 1: Go to Integrations and click Manage on the connected HRIS widget. Step 2: Click Enable on Automatic invite.

Via CSV upload Premium Enterprise P-card

Account, card, and user management admins can also invite users via CSV upload if they have yet to integrate HRIS or do not integrate with HRIS at all. Please note that you’ll need to keep all of the column headers to submit the CSV file, but only need to fill in the columns for:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Title

The CSV template is formatted as shown below and can be downloaded from the Brex dashboard if you go to Team. In the Company tab, select Import CSV.

HC - Add Invite 01
Add new users

Step 1: Navigate to the Team page in your Brex dashboard. Step 2: In the Company tab, select Import CSV. Step 3: Download the bulk invite CSV template. You can import this template into Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel for easier editing. Step 4: Fill out the columns for first name, last name, email, Brex role type, and any others that you’d like to include. Then export the file to CSV. Step 5: Upload the completed CSV file into the Brex dashboard and click Confirm & import. This will add any new users listed in the CSV. If the list has duplicates for existing users, or if an error prevents a user from being invited, they’ll be skipped, and you’ll be notified after submitting the file. Note: If you have an HRIS integration and the user’s Brex email matches the HRIS work email, their most recent data in your HRIS system will be transferred to Brex automatically going forward. Step 6: Once you’ve added new users, you can invite these users to Brex by going to Team > Invite users and selecting either individual users or a group to invite to Brex. If you’ve already uploaded your CSV template but need to correct an error or typo, you can go to the Team page and click on the affected user to edit their details. You can change existing users’ details on Brex by uploading the CSV template after the user is activated. By using the active user’s Brex email address, you can update any fields that you wish to change. After updating the CSV template with the user’s new details, you can upload the CSV as if inviting a new user by following the steps above.

Resend an invitation email

If your invited user(s) have yet to respond to their invitation email, account, card, and user management admins can have this resent either to single users, or in bulk to all invited users. Step 1: Under Team, check the box next to any user(s) you want to resend an email invitation to. Step 2: From the banner at the bottom of your screen, click Resend invite. Step 3: In the confirmation popup window, click Resend invite again.

Invitation guidelines by role type

There are some role types that have different invitation flows, or that have different requirements than standard users. Here’s what you need to know about inviting a reimbursements-only user, a bookkeeper, an account admin, or an AP clerk.


Reimbursement-only users are a type of employee role that can submit reimbursement requests but do not have access to corporate cards. The steps to invite a reimbursements-only user are different than other role types, but the invitation acceptance flow is the same. When inviting reimbursement-only users either by email or via HRIS or CSV, admins can follow these steps. Step 1: Select the Employee role and toggle on the Reimbursements option. Keep the Card toggle turned off. Step 2: Review the default spend limits assigned to the user (if applicable). Step 3: Click Send Invite.


To invite a bookkeeper, you’d select the bookkeeper role designation when sending your invitation. Being a bookkeeper gives the user the ability to see and export your transaction history on both your card and Brex business accounts. A user with the bookkeeper role will not be able to send money out of the Brex business account. When inviting a bookkeeper, you can choose whether you want your bookkeeper to be able to:

  • Spend on a Brex card: If you want them to be able to hold Brex cards
  • Submit reimbursements: If you want them to be able to request reimbursements.

After clicking Send invite, the user will receive an email invitation with account activation instructions. If your bookkeeper manages multiple accounts on Brex and already has an account, they’ll need to use an email alias. If they use Gmail or Outlook, you're able to send a second invite to the same email address by adding a plus sign (+) and an additional character(s) after the plus sign: Using the example above, will be treated as a new user at Brex and they will receive emails at the original email address' inbox ( By using different aliases, the bookkeeper will be able to have multiple user accounts with the same email address.

Account admins and AP clerks

Account admins and AP clerks are role types that you have access to if you have a Brex business account. If you choose for a new user to have either of these user types, they’ll need to fill out some additional questions when they accept the invitation.

Accepting an invitation

Once you’ve invited a new user (no matter the method you’ve used) they’ll receive an email with the subject line: Activate your Brex account for [Company name]. This email will include a button that says Create account. Clicking the button will redirect the user to the Brex dashboard and prompt them to enter their phone number.


Errors receiving an invitation

If you haven't received the activation email after a few minutes, please check your spam folder. Because this is your first email from Brex, your inbox may be filtering it out. Alternatively, you can resend the activation email by clicking the Resend button.

Errors accepting an invitation

If you encounter any error messages while activating your account, please try to clear your browser’s cache and cookies before trying again. The activation link can only be clicked once, which may cause issues if you click on the link but don't finish activating your account. In this case, click Sign in at the top of instead of clicking on the activation link. To set a password, click Forgot your password?.

Errors issuing an invitation

If your invitation doesn’t send successfully, you’ll see an error message that reads “We weren’t able to invite [user]. Please contact for assistance.” This message means that the email address you’re sending the invitation to is already associated with a different Brex account. You can resolve this by either using an email alias (see the bookkeeper section above) or contacting Brex support with a request to have the email address removed from our database.

Revoke an invitation

If a new user hasn’t accepted their invitation to create a Brex account, admins will still have the option to mark them as uninvited by following these steps. Account admins can revoke an invitation for any user role type. Card admins can uninvite other card admins, employees, and bookkeepers (if you don’t have a Brex business account).

In your dashboard

Step 1: Go to Team > Users. Step 2: Click on the user you want to uninvite. You can type their name into the search bar to help locate them. Step 3: From the popup window, click User Actions > Uninvite user to the right of their full name to revoke their invitation.

CX - Uninvite User
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