Flagged expenses

Guided reviews leverage Brex AI and allow account admins and card admins to easily find expenses that should have a closer inspection before approving. These expenses will be flagged in both your dashboard's Expenses page and Tasks > Expenses. A flagged expense doesn’t automatically mean the expense should be denied, or that the employee was acting maliciously. It simply indicates that a closer review is recommended. Expenses are flagged with the following icon in the expenses table. When you click on the transaction, you’ll see a banner explaining why the expense was flagged.

CX - Flagged Expenses 03

You can filter to view flagged expenses by clicking Add filter > Flagged expenses.

HC - Flagged Expenses

Expenses are flagged based on a combination of defined risk rules and a machine learning model that scans for anomalous spend — such as a reimbursement submitted for a higher amount than what’s listed on the receipt. Some flagging rules rely on OCR (optical character recognition) which isn’t 100% accurate. These rules will continue to get more advanced over time.

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