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Account copilots (delegates) are users that are granted the ability to perform actions on another user’s (delegator) behalf. Some of these actions include:

  • Adding receipts, memos, and comments to a user’s expenses
    • When forwarding your delegator’s receipt from your own email address/text message as a copilot, it will automatically match with their transactions
  • Creating reimbursements on behalf of the delegator
  • Approving requests for reimbursements, card expenses, new budgets/spend limits, or spend limit increases
  • Booking travel for the delegator
  • Assigning a different spend limit to a card
  • Receiving the delegator’s notifications

Note: Granting copilot mode is an all-or-none experience. Specific actions/tasks can’t be omitted. Copilots will receive a weekly email summarizing the actions required of their delegator.

Copilot mode

The account copilot can complete tasks on behalf of their delegator when in copilot mode. You can switch to copilot mode by clicking your name in the top-right corner and choosing your delegator’s name under Copilot access. If you’re a copilot for more than one delegator, you’ll see them all listed here. Once you’ve entered copilot mode, you’ll see a banner at the top of your screen.

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When you’re in copilot mode, clicking on Wallet in your dashboard will show you any transactions or requests that your delegator would normally see. You can address these as if they were your own. You can also assign a different spend limit to the delegator’s card by clicking Manage next to Selected spend limit below their card. The Reviews and Audit trail for any actioned requests will reference both the copilot and the delegator they were acting on behalf of.

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Add a copilot

Anyone has the ability to directly assign a copilot to their account. If you need, you can use this same process to add multiple copilots to your account.

In your dashboard

Step 1: Click your name in the top-right corner and go to Personal settings. Step 2: In the Copilots table, search the name of the employee you want to act as your copilot and select them from the dropdown.

CX - Account Copilot 01

You can also remove copilots through this section of the details pane. Step 3: Once added, you can enter an optional end date of the access, and you can toggle on the option of redirecting notifications to your copilot. This will redirect all eligible email notifications, except for critical tasks, to your copilot, who will receive notifications by email.

Assign copilot to another user

An account or card admin can assign copilots to any users in the company by following the steps below.

In your dashboard

Step 1: Go to Teams and select the employee you want to assign a copilot to. Step 2: At the bottom of the details pane, use the Copilots section to search for the employee you want to act as the copilot. Step 3: Click on that employee’s name to assign them as a copilot. You can also remove copilots through this section of the details pane.

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