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Automate (almost) everything.

Make payments, reporting, and more work like magic with the Brex API and no-code platforms.

More flow, less work.

Empower your developers to create custom workflows and power internal tools. Make your data work harder for you.

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Automate ACH and wire payments.

Take the headache out of vendor management and make payments programmatic (ACH, wires, and checks) using our payments API.

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Create custom reports to track vitals.

Access your Brex transactions to build reports with the information that matters most to you with our transactions API.


Scale your spending, with more control.

Onboard Brex users and issue virtual cards with custom limits from anywhere, whether your CLI or spreadsheets, using our team API.

“In one day, I used Brex’s payment API to automate 100s of payments a week, saving me 20 hours a month and dramatically reducing errors.”

— Denis Bellavance

CTO, Inspectify

No code? No problem.

Code-free templates let anyone work on top of the Brex API to automate payments, virtual cards, reporting, and more.

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Offload vendor onboarding.

Let your vendors onboard themselves just by filling out an online form or sending you an invoice.


Add Brex users automatically.

Set it up so that as soon as an employee is hired, they’re added to your Brex account—without you ever signing into your dashboard.


Manage cards like magic.

Just update a spreadsheet—and your Brex account will automatically issue new virtual cards based on the new data.