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Brex for Slack speeds up your spend review process by bringing actions directly to your Slack workspace. This integration lets you approve/deny spend limit requests and card expenses, chat with Brex’s AI-powered assistant, and sends you automatic reminders about outstanding tasks/transactions missing information. New to Slack? Activate a special offer from Brex: 25% off your first 12 months of a monthly or annual Slack Business plan.

Add the Brex app to Slack

Account and card admins can add Brex as an authorized Slack app for their employees by following these instructions: Step 1: Make sure the following are true:

  • You have permission in Slack to install apps into your workspace (being a Slack admin is not required)
  • Your company already has an expense policy set up.

Step 2: In your Brex dashboard, go to Company settings > Expenses > Expense review reminders in Slack > Add to Slack or click your name in the top right corner and go to Integrations > Productivity (or search for Slack). Step 3: Provide authorization and install the app. Alternatively, you can add the Brex app to Slack by opening the App section in Slack and searching for “Brex”. Once set up, you’ll see Slack in your Brex dashboard when you click your name in the top right corner and go to Integrations > Productivity.

Connect Brex to your individual Slack account

If an account or card admin has already set up the Slack connection, you’ll receive an email confirming that you’ve been newly onboarded. You can view the connection in your Brex dashboard in Personal settings > Connected integrations. From here, you can also refresh or disconnect by clicking the three dots in the top right corner.

Migrating to Enterprise Grid

If you move your Slack workspace to Enterprise Grid, you'll need to repeat the above steps to reinstall the app once your migration is complete.

Chat with Brex Assistant in Slack

New for Summer

Brex Assistant can instantly answer questions about your expense policies, expenses, and spend limits, or update expense information directly from Slack. Assistant messages will start with a diamond symbol to indicate an AI-generated response. To use Brex Assistant in Slack, enable both Brex Assistant and Slack in Company settings in your dashboard. Brex Assistant may make mistakes, so it’s important to double-check any information that it generates. Brex Assistant suggestions don’t represent Brex’s views, and shouldn’t be attributed to Brex. Brex Assistant features may suggest inaccurate or inappropriate information. Brex Assistant features may change over time. Protecting your privacy and data is a top priority for everything we build at Brex. Any data required to power a Brex AI experience follows stringent security requirements. Review our risk considerations for AI to learn more.

Managing Slack notifications

Muting Slack notifications

You can mute Slack notifications so you aren’t alerted for every Brex notification via Slack, but still receive them for later review. Step 1: From your desktop Slack application, go to App. You may need to click the arrow to see the full list of apps. Step 2: Click Brex > View App Detail. Step 3: Click Brex at the top of the page and choose Mute in the popup window. The button will change to Muted. Click this again to unmute your notifications.

Muting Slack email notifications

You can also stop Slack from sending you email notifications. Step 1: On the Slack app, click your profile image on the bottom left corner > Preferences. Step 2: Under Notifications > uncheck Send me email notifications for mentions and direct messages.

Disabling Brex notifications in Slack

All users can configure the specific Brex notification types they receive via Slack. Step 1: In your Brex dashboard, click your name in the upper right corner > Notification preferences. Step 2: Under Company expenses and Your wallet, you can disable Slack as a channel for select notifications.

Respond to expense messages in Slack

Users will receive Slack messages about expenses missing receipts or memos per your company’s expense policy. Admins and managers will receive messages about outstanding spend limit and card expense approvals. To resolve the alerts: Step 1: Click Add to upload a receipt image or update the expense memo. Step 2: To approve or deny limit increases or spend limit requests, click Approve or Deny. To resolve card expenses, click Approve or Request repayment. Step 3: If you’re doing this for the first time, grant Slack permission to access your Brex account by signing in to Brex. Step 4: Wait for a confirmation Slack message that the information has been uploaded to Brex.

Remove Brex app from Slack

You can remove the Brex app from a Slack workspace by following these steps. Once you remove the app, Slack will no longer have access to your Brex data, and Brex will no longer appear on Slack.

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