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How do employee repayments work?

Occasionally, one of your employees may accidentally use their Brex card or request a reimbursement for a personal expense.

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What are the standard processing times for transfers?

Getting you easy access to the funds you need to grow your business is why Brex exists. We process payments as quickly and safely as possible

How do I activate my card?

There are 2 ways to activate your new physical Brex card, via SMS and Brex dashboard.

How can I manage notification preferences?

You can manage notification preferences from either the Brex dashboard or mobile app.

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How can I reset my password in my Brex dashboard?

To reset your password from your Brex dashboard, please follow the steps below.

What is a budget?

A budget is an easier way to manage and proactively approve expenses for your teams, vendors, stipends, and more.

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Automate manual processes by integrating your ERP with Brex. Also learn about our automatic classifications, customizations, and export options.

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Keep everyone compliant by issuing pre-approved spend limits for travel, stipends, and more with auto-enforced rules and blocks.


Automate user management and provide an easier, safer employee experience by integrating Brex with your HRIS and identity provider.

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Product updates

CH-PL-Locally funded reimbursements
CH-PL-Locally funded reimbursements

Locally funded reimbursements

Locally-funded reimbursements now allow global entities to process and fund their local reimbursements in local currency without involving the US parent.

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CH-PL-New card management tools
CH-PL-New card management tools

New card management tools

Admins now have the ability to view a list of all cards related to a budget, for easier card management and a holistic overview.

CH-PL-New budget notification options
CH-PL-New budget notification options

New budget notification options

We've updated budget-related notifications for critical actions to ensure that budget members don't miss anything important.

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