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Welcome to Brex Empower! Let’s get you set up for success. This hub covers key onboarding topics with more tactical information to help you move through the implementation process faster and address your questions.

Use the left-hand navigation to jump to the most relevant section for you, or scroll down to flow through the process step by step.

Brex credit card on top of phone showing receipts and laptop showing budgets
Brex credit card on top of phone showing receipts and laptop showing budgets


As a first step, we’ll run through some high level onboarding information, and start getting your employees added to Brex.

Account Setup
Account Setup

Onboarding guide

Download our onboarding integration guides for a more in-depth understanding around getting started with Brex.

Customer managers

Download PDF for cards only->

Customer employees

Adding employees/users to Brex

If your company uses an HRIS platform, click the link below to learn how to integrate this platform with Brex for faster onboarding, user management, and user deactivation.

If your company does not have an HRIS platform and would like to onboard, manage, and deactivate users manually, click the link below to learn how to use Brex’s CSV workflow.


Learn more about automating manual processes with Brex's integrations. We offer a robust set of automatic classifications, customizations, and export options to fit your accounting needs, as well as top HRIS integrations.


Integrations guide

Download our onboarding integration guide using the relevant link below for detailed instructions on how to connect the platforms you already use with Brex.

1. Integrate your HRIS platform for faster onboarding, user management, and user deactivation.

2. Set up SSO (Single Sign-On) for your employees to sign in to Brex more securely and efficiently.

3. Sync Brex data with ERP platforms such as NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Xero to help you close your books faster.

Account mapping guide

Streamline accounting by integrating your existing systems with Brex. Sync your expenses and employee data to reduce manual work and speed up month-end close, onboarding, and audits.


Learn more about setting up your employees with pre-approved budgets for travel, stipends, and more with auto-enforced rules and blocks. Budgets make it easy to allocate spend limits for every need — and keep everyone compliant automatically with your company’s spend policy.

Implementation guide

Download the relevant guide below to review best practices for setting up budgets, including example frameworks for different company types.

Companies with >500 employees:

Global companies with >1 country of operation:

Companies with <500 employees:


If you are currently enrolled in Brex’s multi-entity pilot program or would like to learn more about enabling multi-entity capabilities for your company, please review the guide below.


Multi-entity management guide

Download our multi-entity management implementation guide to learn more about how Brex lets you easily manage your spend by adding entities and employees to Brex, and configuring separate billing.