How do I enable or disable WhatsApp notifications?

WhatsApp is a messaging tool that allows customers all over the world to access messages with a data signal instead of a cellular network. Because Brex works globally, we’re offering WhatsApp capabilities so that international teams can easily manage expenses wherever they may be.

Currently, Brex supports card activation and receipt uploads through WhatsApp. All other alerts and announcements will be sent via SMS or mobile app notifications, depending on which settings you have enabled and where you are based.

Enable WhatsApp

If you don’t already have the WhatsApp application, please download it at the relevant link below.

  • Install on Android

  • Install on iOS

To enable WhatsApp notifications and functions for your Brex account, please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Sign in to your Brex dashboard and go to Settings under your company name in the top-right corner.

Step 2: Go to Notifications.

Step 3: Toggle WhatsApp On.

Step 4: Enable Categories, by toggling on Charge on my card and Declines expenses to On.

Re-enable WhatsApp

You can re-enable SMS and WhatsApp by individually toggling on Charge on my card and Declines expenses under Settings in your dashboard.

If you have responded STOP to a message via WhatsApp but want to enable Brex WhatsApp messages again, please message START to WhatsApp. Right now, the Brex WhatsApp integration requires that you also opt in to SMS notifications. Disabling SMS will disable WhatsApp.

Disable WhatsApp

To disable Whatsapp, toggle off the WhatsApp preference in your notifications settings.

WhatsApp phone numbers

Brex has dedicated multiple numbers to WhatsApp. Below is a list of the current numbers we will message you from. For your security, please verify that the WhatsApp profile of all the numbers contacting you is Brex and make sure that the number has a verified business checkmark next to the logo. We will keep this list updated.

  • 18775662739

  • 18885742739

  • 18775612739

  • 18882502739

  • 18772912739

  • 18333792739

  • 18336932739

  • 18885762739

  • 18339672739

  • 18559562739

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