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How do I delete or archive a budget?

Budget owners, account admins, and card admins can archive and delete budgets from their dashboard. Affected budgets will have differentiated visibility in the dashboard and they will not accept more card transactions. Budget owners and members will receive notifications when a budget is deleted or archived.

Single budget

In your dashboard

Step 1: Go to Budgets and click on the budget you want to delete or archive.

Step 2: Under Actions, select the action you’d like to take:

  • Archive budget: The budget will remain visible on your admin dashboard.

  • Delete budget: The budget will be permanently deleted from your admin dashboard.

    • Note: This action only appears if there are no expenses on the budget.

Step 3: In the popup window, confirm your decision by clicking either Delete or Archive.

You can reopen an archived budget by going to Budgets, clicking on the tile for the specific budget, and choosing Reopen budget. Clarify the specifics of the budget in the popup window and click Reopen budget. Deleted budgets cannot be restored.

Brex Essentials Only vendor budgets and travel budgets can be deleted or archived. (User limit budgets cannot be deleted or archived.)

Multiple budgets

In your dashboard

Step 1: Go to Budgets and click the checkmark to the left of any budgets you want to delete or archive.

Step 2: Click Archive budget at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3a: If you want to permanently remove the budgets from your dashboard, check the box for Permanently delete this budget. Then click Delete [#] budget(s) to confirm.

Step 3b: Leave the box unchecked if you want the budget to still appear in your dashboard with an Archived status. Then click Archive [#] budget(s) to confirm.

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