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How do I create a budget program?

A budget program is a feature that lets you set up a budget that will be assigned to new users you add to your Brex account. Admins can arrange these from within their Brex dashboard by following the steps below.

Step 1: In the Budgets tab of your dashboard, click Create new > Create a new budget program.

Step 2: Name your budget program, choose which new users you want to include, and select whether you’ll be creating a new budget or adding to an existing budget.

Note: If you choose to include Selected new users rather than All new users, you’ll be prompted to set the parameters of the new users you want to include in the budget program. You can narrow them down based on department, location, cost center, and legal entity.

Step 3: Select which Parent budget you want to attribute the new budget to, and fill out the Budget name and Budget owners. You can also add an optional Purpose description.

Step 4: Continue on to set the details of the budget that will be assigned. More information on that process can be found in How do I create or request a budget?.

Step 5: Click Review. If everything looks correct, click Create budget program.

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