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With Pro Access, bookkeepers can sign in and access client accounts under one login. There’s no limit to the number of client accounts that can be added. Note: Pro Access partners have the same permissions as a bookkeeper role type on the clients' Brex account.

Accounting firms

Enable Pro Access

To be added as a Pro Access partner at Brex, please follow the steps below. Step 1: Go to and click Open an account. When prompted to sign up for a specific product, click Card only. Step 2: Email once the application is complete. Wait until you receive a response confirming that you have been added as a partner before moving to the next step.

Invite Pro Access users

As a Pro Access admin, you can invite other staff members to join the external firm’s Brex account via email. During the invitation process, you’ll choose each invitees’ role type. You can also change the Pro Access admin and user role types in the future. Step 1: In your dashboard, go to Team > Invite new user. Step 2: Select Pro Access user. Step 3: Choose their permission and click Add.

Add client accounts

There are multiple options to add client accounts once you’re a Pro Access partner. Your client can invite you directly by following the steps below. You can also provide a unique link to your Brex client to be added as their Pro Access partner.

Switch between client accounts

As a Pro Access user or admin, you can toggle between your assigned accounts without signing in and out of Brex. Step 1: In your dashboard, click your name at the top right corner of the dashboard. Click Switch next to the company name to switch between client accounts. Step 2: Type in the name of the company you want to switch to and press the Enter key. You can also go to Clients and click Manage next to the client account you want to access.

Manage Pro Access users

As a Pro Access admin, you can:

  • Invite and remove any user or admin from the Pro Access account
  • Change the roles of any Pro Access user or admin
  • Unassign users or admins from previously assigned client account(s)
  • Remove any user or admin from the Pro Access account

Step 1: In your dashboard, click Team to view the full list of Pro Access users and admins. Step 2: Click the name of the user or admin to make the necessary changes. Step 3: To provide a team member access to a specific client, go to Clients. In the details window, click Add a connection and select the name of the client.

Disconnect accounts

As a Pro Access admin, you can offboard any client from Client. Select the client you would like to disconnect from and click Disconnect at the bottom of the details window. Note: You’ll still see offboarded clients on your Clients page with a Disabled status. Rejected connections won’t appear.

Brex account owners

Add an accounting firm

As an account or card admin, you can invite an external firm to automatically assign them the bookkeeper role. Note: Pro Access firms have the same permissions on your Brex account as a bookkeeper role type. Step 1: In your dashboard, go to Team > Add users > Invite external partner. Step 2: Type the firm’s name into the search bar and select your external partner from the list. Note: If you can’t find the partner in the dropdown, the firm isn’t a Pro Access partner of Brex. You can either ask the external firm to add themselves by following the steps above or invite them as a bookkeeper to your account. Step 3: Review the permission details and press Next. Step 4: You can now see the pending invite in Team > Partner. The status of the connection will show Pending, Active, or Disconnected.

Disconnecting an account firm

Account and card admins can terminate the external firm’s access to your Brex account by disconnecting the original Pro Access user or admin that you invited. Once the original invitee is terminated, the Pro Access account is disconnected and all Pro Access users that were assigned to that account will lose access. Step 1: Go to Team > Partner. Step 2: Select the accounting firm and click Disconnect.

Contact Brex Support

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