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Can I set a submission deadline for receipts, memos, and other expense information?

To make sure that your employees upload their required receipts, memos, and other information for their expenses, admins can set a submission deadline. This gives the employee a certain number of days to upload their information, and after which point the expense will be marked as overdue. You can also choose whether employees receive emails reminding them about overdue expenses and whether managers are notified via email if an overdue expense goes unaddressed for two weeks.

As an admin, you can customize deadlines in your Brex dashboard by clicking your name in the top right and going to Settings > Expenses. In the Compliance section, toggle Documentation deadline on, and choose the deadline time period from the dropdown menu. You can also check what sort of reminders you’d like sent when an expense becomes overdue. Enabling the deadline or changing the deadline will trigger a notification to all employees.

HC - Submission Deadline

Once this feature is turned on, you can sort expenses in the Expenses page based on whether they’re overdue. In the All expenses tab, click the Compliance dropdown menu and choose Overdue to view only overdue expenses.

In their dashboard, employees can view how many days they have left to submit documentation by clicking on the specific expense in Inbox or Expenses. In the details pane, they’ll see a yellow banner that notifies them [X] days remaining to add documentation. Once overdue, this banner will turn red and the notification will change to Your documentation is overdue. Managers and admins will see a slight variation on this banner when they open the expense’s detail pane.

In the app, admins and employees can tap the expense in Expenses (or Your expenses for employees). To the right of Amount, you’ll be able to view how many days are left before the documentation is due.

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