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What are accounting fields?

Accounting fields are unique custom fields that you can create within your Brex dashboard. These fields work in tandem with fields brought over from your existing ERP integration like GL account. You can use custom fields to categorize expenses across Brex with greater flexibility. Custom fields can be edited later, but they can only be exported via CSV. They will not be synced with your ERP.

What accounting fields can I create?

You can create and name any custom fields necessary and choose whether users will select options from a preset list, type into a freeform text field, or select a checkbox to indicate yes or no. Some examples include:

  • Cost center

  • Entity

  • Project code

  • Customer

  • Vendor

You can even create custom fields without a direct ERP integration. All of these fields can be used when you create your series of mapping rules to ensure your transactions have the desired information before exporting to a CSV.

Where will these accounting fields be available?

These new fields will be in the details section of each expense available for categorization. To create a new custom field or manage existing custom fields, go to Accounting > Manage accounting fields > Accounting fields or see detailed instructions in How can I set up a new accounting field?.

You can also create certain mapping rules by going to Accounting tab under Manage accounting fields > Mappings OR Accounting > Manage custom rules.

Note: If you’d like to create these fields for granular customization within your Brex dashboard, please reach out to your relationship manager or customer success manager. These fields have to be turned on by an account admin, card admin, or bookkeeper in the integrations tab. Only fields created by the customer will be visible on the mobile app.

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