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Spend management

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Manage spend, increase speed.

Create a culture of trust and financial discipline, reducing bureaucracy and overhead to accelerate your business — wherever you get work done.

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Culture of trust and financial discipline.

Use budgets, custom expense policies, and integrations to delegate spend while keeping accountability.

For controllers->

Spending made easy in 100+ countries.

Make it easy for employees to spend with one card for everything, a top-rated mobile app, global reimbursements, and auto-generated receipts.

For employees->

Manage by exception.

Focus on reviewing the 5% of global spend that’s actually out of policy and unblock the rest to accelerate everyone’s speed of work.

For managers->

For controllers

Create a culture of speed and financial discipline.

Gain real-time visibility and accountability across global spend, break down silos of separate systems, and give accounting teams more automation and accuracy.

Drive accountability

For employees

Make it easy to do the right thing, anywhere.

Auto-generate receipts and make it easy to understand your expense policy for expenses, across cards, reimbursements, and bill pay — amounts will be shown in USD and local currency.

Make spend easy

For managers

Review what matters — manage by exception.

Enable managers to focus on expense policy exceptions and anomalies, and quickly unblock the business on the go, around the world.

Manage by exception

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