What are global reimbursements?

This article refers to a feature that might not be available in your current Brex plan. If you'd like to learn more about this feature and how to unlock additional capabilities in Brex's upgraded plans, please have your account or card admin reach out to Brex Support by clicking on Support in your dashboard.

Brex Empower allows account admins, card admins, and managers to reimburse employees in select international locations. To get started, international employees need to make sure they connect their personal bank account.

Employees will be reimbursed in the same currency that their bank account is set up in (generally local currency). For example, if an employee sets up their bank account in Italy, they’ll be reimbursed in Euros.

Global reimbursements leverage the comprehensive approval, compliance, policy, automation, and accounting capabilities in Brex’s spend platform. You can read more about reimbursements in this article.

We ensure that the employee always receives the full amount they requested reimbursement for. By default, global reimbursements are funded in USD and paid out in the local currency of the employee.

To fund reimbursements in local currency, please read this help article.


We don’t charge any foreign transaction fees for global reimbursements. All cross-currency reimbursements are converted at an exchange rate at the time of approval, selected by Brex or its third-party partner. See our Payments Agreement for more details.

Employees shouldn’t expect any bank fees for the receipt of their reimbursements. If your employees experience any bank transmission fees, please contact Brex support for more information.


By default, global reimbursements are funded in USD and paid out in the local currency of the employee.

To request a reimbursement for a purchase made in a currency different from that of their bank, the employee can check This purchase was made in a different currency during the submission process.

Local funding

Account admins, card admins, and managers can set up funding for reimbursements through their local bank account using local currency.

To get started, follow the steps on how to set up locally funded reimbursements and have your international employees connect their local personal bank account.

Supported locations

You can find all the countries where we support global reimbursements here. Please keep in mind that some currencies have minimum and maximum requirements. Since these limitations are put in place by Brex’s global money movement partners, they cannot be circumvented.

Delivery timeframe

Timing for reimbursements depends on several internal factors, including your payment cycle configuration and local banking rails. In the dashboard, your employees can see the estimated payment arrival time in the details panel for a given reimbursement.

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