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How do I list attendees for a meal expense?

This article references a feature that may be limited to customers on the Empower platform. If you would like to learn more about this feature, have an account or card admin reach out to Brex Support by clicking on Support in the dashboard.

Brex PlusFrom time to time, you may use your Brex card to cover a meal expense that includes the costs from other employees in attendance. To help provide context to the expense, we have a List attendees feature that, when set up, will prompt the spender to submit additional information when a transaction in the Meals category comes through.

Account and card can set up the list attendees policy in their dashboard. You’ll have the option to set a threshold amount that is either evaluated by the total amount for each expense or on a per-diem basis. You can also require detailed information about external attendees for each meal (if applicable).

List Attendees - 06
List Attendees - 03

Once this rule is triggered, employees will be asked to add attendees for the expense. This is done in either window that opens when clicking on the expense or through a reimbursement form prompt.

Note: You don’t need the rule to be triggered to add attendees. You can do this at any point.

List Attendees - 05

A meal expense is flagged as requiring attendees.

List Attendees - 01

Adding attendees via the expense details.

List Attendees - 04

Adding an external attendee.

You'll also be able to add attendees on the mobile app while on the go!

List Attendees - 02

Adding attendees in the mobile app while on-the-go

Following this, expenses will be flagged for review. You can specifically sort for expenses that are missing attendees.

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