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This article refers to a feature that might not be available in your current Brex plan. If you'd like to learn more about this feature and how to unlock additional capabilities in Brex's upgraded plans, please have your account or card admin reach out to Brex Support by clicking on Support in your dashboard.


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Brex's integration with Oracle Fusion streamlines financial data management by providing real-time visibility, easy customization, and efficient management of fields and workflows. The integration allows you to control spend, export financial data, and automate the import of your chart of accounts. Mapping rules help auto-categorize transactions, simplifying the financial management process. This comprehensive guide walks you through setting up the integration, whether you're a current Oracle Fusion user or considering it as a future option. Follow the steps below to set up your Oracle Fusion integration. If you need assistance, please contact your Brex representative.


Step 1: Sign into Oracle with an administrator account that has the Application Implementation Consultant role assigned. Step 2: Open Setup and Maintenance and click Search.

HC - Oracle 01
HC - Oracle 02

Step 3: Type “Manage Users” into the search bar and, when it appears under Name, click on it. Step 4: Click the plus (+) icon to add a user, insert the information, and click on Save and Close.

HC - Oracle 03
Field NameValue
Last NameUser
First NameBrex
EmailUse a distribution email address that can be managed by a team of individuals who will support the Brex integration.
Hire DateEnter the current date
User NameBrex_User
User Notification Preferences - Send username and passwordCheckmark the box to send the username and password to the address you entered above. You can also store your credentials in a secure password manager that appropriate administrators have access to.
Person TypeEmployee
Legal EmployerEnter the legal entity for this user that corresponds to the parent entity you set up in your Brex account.
Business UnitEnter the Business Unit for the user.

Step 5: Click the three lines in the upper left to assign roles to the created user. Step 6: Go to Tools > Security Console. Step 7: Enter the username (Brex_User) and expand the users’ details.

HC - Oracle 04

Step 8: Click Edit to give the user roles. Step 9: Click Add Role, enter the role name in the search bar, and click Search. Step 10: Under Search Result Count, click on the role line item and click Add Role Membership. Repeat to add each of the following roles to the Brex user:

HC - Oracle 05
Roles NameRoles Description
ORA_PER_EMPLOYEE_ABSTRACTGives basic access to the instance and other screens, such as scheduled processes
ORA_FND_IT_SECURITY_MANAGER_JOBA security console used for creating users and assigning them roles.
ORA_GL_GENERAL_ACCOUNTANT_JOB(Required) To check whether the journals are created and posted
ORA_GL_GENERAL_ACCOUNTING_MANAGER_JOB(Required) Gives advanced features in the GL module, like controlling period statues
ORA_FUN_INTERCOMPANY_ACCOUNTANT_JOBTo access the intercompany module

Step 11: After adding the above roles to the user, click Save and Close. Step 12: In the search bar, type Manage Data Access for Users and, when it appears under Name, click on it.

HC - Oracle 06

Step 13: Click the plus icon (+) and enter each access role defined in the table below. When you’re done, click Save and Close.

User NameRoleSecurity ContextSecurity Context Value
Brex_UserIntercompany AccountantData Access SetUS Ledger Set
Brex_UserIntercompany AccountantBusiness UnitUS 1 Business Unit
Brex_UserFinancial AnalystData Access SetUS Ledger Set
Brex_UserGeneral Accounting ManagerData Access SetUS Ledger Set
Brex_UserGeneral AccountantData Access SetUS Ledger Set
Brex_UserEmployeeBusiness UnitUS 1 Business Unit

Journal Source configuration

You can define a Journal Source to make identifying Journal Entries from your Brex application easy. Step 1: On the Global Search Page, search for Manage Journal Sources and, when it appears under Name, click on it. Step 2: Click the plus icon (+) to create a new Journal Source using the values below:

Field NameValue
NameBrex Source
Source KeyBrex Source
DescriptionCustom Brex Source
Freeze JournalsNo
Accounting Date RuleRoll Date
Import Journal ReferenceEnable
Require Journal ApprovalDisable
Import Using KeyDisable
Limit Journal to Single CurrencyDisable

Journal Category Configuration

Configure journal categories for each Brex expense type. Step 1: OnGlobal Search type inManage Journal Categories” and, when it appears under Name, click on it. Step 2: Click the plus icon (+) and add the Journal Categories from the table below:

Field NameDefinition
NameEnter the Journal Category Name (25 characters max)
Category KeyEnter the Journal Source key without spaces
Exclude from Manual Journal EntryCheck the box to prevent creating journals manually from this user account
NameCategory KeyDescriptionExclude from Manual Journal Entry
Brex Card ExpensesBrex_Card_ExpensesBrex Card ExpensesDisable
Brex ReimbursementBrex_ReimbursementBrex ReimbursementDisable
Brex RewardsBrex_RewardsBrex RewardsDisable
Brex CollectionsBrex_CollectionsBrex CollectionsDisable
Brex Reimburse LiabilityBrex_Reimburse_LiabilityBrex Reimburse LiabilityDisable
Brex RepaymentBrex_RepaymentBrex RepaymentDisable
Card Expense RefundCard_Expense_RefundCard Expense RefundDisable

AutoPost Criteria Sets configuration

Step 1: On Global Search, type in“Manage AutoPost Criteria Sets” and, when it appears under Name, click on it. Step 2: Click the plus icon (+) and enter the mandatory information in the table below. When you’re done, click Save and Close.

HC - Oracle 07
Field NameValue
NameBrex Autopost Criteria Sets
DescriptionBrex Autopost Criteria Sets
EnabledCheckmarking sets the auto-post criteria
Use Batch Creator as Approval Submitter(Optional) Checkmarking lets you use the batch creator as an approval submitter

Step 3: After entering the above information, click the plus icon (+) to enter the parameters for the AutoPost Criteria sets.

Field NameValue
PriorityThese can be sequential numbers
Ledger or ledger setChoose the ledger you want to write this expense type, typically your primary ledger.
SourceEnter the source for the criteria set
CategoryEnter the category for the criteria set
Accounting PeriodEnter the accounting Period for the criteria set
Balance TypeEnter the balance type for the criteria set
Process All CriteriaCheck yes to process all journal under this criteria set
Number of Days Before Submission DateEnter the days to post the journal before the submission date
Number of Days After Submission DateEnter the days after the submission date when you want the journal to be posted.

Below is an example table that gives details and values for setting up the Autopost Criteria.

PriorityLedger or ledger set (not Brex specific)SourceCategory
1Brex Primary LedgerBrex SourceBrex Card Expenses
2Brex Primary Ledger EUBrex SourceBrex Reimbursement
3Brex Primary LedgerBrex SourceBrex Rewards
4Brex Primary LedgerBrex SourceBrex Collections
5Brex Primary LedgerBrex SourceBrex Reimburse liability
6Brex Primary LedgerBrex SourceBrex Repayment
7Brex Primary LedgerBrex SourceBrex
8Brex Primary LedgerBrex SourceAll

The default value for all records is as follows:

Field NameDefault Value
Accounting PeriodAll
Balance TypeAll
Process All CriteriaYes
Number of Days Before Submission DateNull
Number of Days After Submission DateNull
HC - Oracle 08

Integration report configuration into Oracle Fusion

Step 1: From the Fusion Environment go to Tools > Reports and Analytics.

HC - Oracle 09

Step 2: Click Browse Catalog and go to Report Path > /shared folders/custom. Step 3: Click Unarchive > Browse and select the catalog file from your local machine. When you’re done, click OK.

HC - Oracle 10

A popup will tell you when the upload is complete. Afterwards, you can see the folder in your system.

Disconnect Oracle Fusion

Step 1: Click your name in the top right of your dashboard, and go to Integrations. Step 2: Next to Oracle Fusion, click the three dots, and choose Disconnect. Disconnecting will not remove any mapping rules previously created, in case you’d like to reconnect Oracle Fusion with the same sign-in credentials at a later time.

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