How does mileage reimbursement work?

When your team travels for business purposes, they can submit a reimbursement request to cover the costs of the distance traveled. Once submitted, employees and controllers can review the mileage expense in both their dashboard and mobile app.

Brex reimbursements support the configuration of global mileage rates. The rate at which an employee is reimbursed is determined by the country of origin for your connected bank account.

Customize your mileage reimbursement settings

Brex Plus Account admins and card admins can set custom reimbursement rates for various countries. You can do this in your dashboard by clicking your name in the top right corner and going to Settings > Expenses > Mileage rates.

Here, you can also choose the date that the rate will start applying. Only one rate can be active for a single country at any given time. If you’ve added two rates for the same country, the original rate will expire on the date that you’ve set for the new rate to start.

If you’d like to remove the ability for your team to submit mileage reimbursement requests, all of the entries here can be deleted.

Submit a mileage reimbursement request

Employees can submit a mileage reimbursement through the dashboard or mobile app. See this article for more information.

Approve a mileage reimbursement request

Account admins and card admins can approve a mileage reimbursement request the same way they would approve a general reimbursement request. For more information on this process, read this article.

Mileage reimbursement payout

Upon receipt of funding, Brex will process batched payouts to your employees. This means that if there are five approved reimbursements for $10 each for a single employee since the last payment cycle, that employee will see a single transaction for $50 to their bank account. The employee will receive communication of this payment and the reimbursements that contributed to the total $50 received.

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