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How do I request and approve a higher budget limit?

As a budget member, you may be able to  request an increase on the limit of one of your budgets. Approvers can review all requests and approve or deny them. Please follow the relevant instructions below.


Step 1: Navigate to the relevant budget in your Brex dashboard or mobile app.

Step 2: Choose Request limit increase. In your dashboard, you’ll find this by clicking the three dots at the bottom left of the budget’s detail pane. In your app, this is in the center of the budget details page.

Note: If you can’t find Request limit increase, check in with your budget owner. They may need to toggle on the ability for budget members to request a limit increase.

Step 3: Specify the marginal increase amount and add a reason for the request.

Step 4: Indicate if you want the limit increase to be temporary (until the end of a specific budget period) or permanent (applies to the current period and all future periods).

Step 5: You’ll receive a confirmation email that your request was submitted. You can view the outstanding request and the approval progress on the Your Wallet page. You can also withdraw the request at any time prior to final approval.

Step 6: If the limit increase was approved, you'll receive an email and see the updated limit in your Brex account. In your app, you may also receive a push notification. If the limit increase was declined, you will receive an email notifying you of the decline.

Note: As a budget owner or admin, you can toggle whether budget members should or should not be able to request a limit increase on a budget. To toggle this setting, click Edit budget and find the toggle titled Allow members to request limit increases.


Step 1: Go to Inbox > Budgets and click the limit increase request. View the request details.

Step 2: At the bottom of the request pane, choose either Edit, Deny or Approve.

Note: After selecting, a popup window will appear asking if you’d like to undo the approval/denial. You’ll have six seconds to click this option if you need to adjust the budget limit for any reason. As an admin, you can always manually edit the limit of the budget.

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