How does Brex integrate with Sage Intacct?

The Sage Intacct integration is one of our many accounting integrations that improve reporting accuracy and accounting control, saving finance teams hours each week.

Brex integrates with Sage Intacct through a CSV export–including basic transaction details, category mappings, receipts, departments, location, and memos, etc.

Before exporting into a CSV, you have the ability to code your transactions to their respective GL account in the Brex dashboard. Cardholders can also manually categorize their own transactions when they attach their receipts and memos.

Can I sync my data automatically into Sage Intacct?

At the moment you’ll need to manually export a CSV of transaction data and then import the CSV into Sage Intacct. Before uploading your CSV to Sage Intacct, you will need to map the IDs exported from Brex to your Sage field IDs. For instructions, please read How do I set up the Sage Intacct integration?.

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