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What is a budget?

Budgets are an easier way to manage and proactively approve expenses for your teams, vendors, stipends, and more. Budgets let you set dynamic spending limits that aren’t tied to one specific card.

Employees can have more than one budget assigned to them for all necessary areas of spend. They have one Brex card that can be used to spend from any of their budgets.

View your budgets in card or list view from the All budgets page.

Anyone can file a budget request and once it’s approved, the card can be used immediately.

When creating a budget, admins can assign their standard company expense policy or a customized policy to guide spend for that particular budget. Before making a purchase, employees can quickly see which rules apply to their budgets. Budget notification preferences can be customized in Settings. For more on this, please read How can I manage notification preferences?.

When setting a budget’s limit from your dashboard, you can choose whether you want the limit to be flexible or not. Flexible limits allow employees to spend beyond the assigned amount of the budget. Expenses above the limit are completed with the merchant, but are then sent for approval from your admin or designated approver.

Nested budgets

Admins and managers can create nested budgets within existing, or parent, budgets. For example, if you have a budget for $100 dedicated to travel expenses, you might want to break it up into two nested budgets — allocating $40 for meals and $60 for gas. You can assign a custom policy for each nested budget.

Note: We don't currently restrict you from creating nested budgets with a higher limit than the parent budget, but spend will be restricted if you exceed the parent budget's limit.

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