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How do I manage my notifications?

All Brex users, whether you’re an admin or an employee, will see a notification center in the Inbox section of both the dashboard and Brex app. Here, you’ll see notifications laid out clearly to help you prioritize and address critical tasks, requests,  and necessary account-related actions so that your company can run smoothly.

Some of the notifications you’ll see populate in your notification center include expense/reimbursement notifications, budget notifications, card notifications, and requests for documentation.

In the dashboard

You can manage your notification alerts from your Brex dashboard by clicking Inbox > Alerts. Notifications will be laid out in order of most to least recent. Depending on the specific notification, you can click on it to be directed to the place in your dashboard where you can address it. For example, clicking on an expense-related notification will redirect you to the Expenses tab.

You can mark notifications as read or unread by clicking the envelope to the right of it. If you’d like to mark all notifications as read, click Mark all as read at the top of the screen.

In the app

You can manage your notifications from your Brex app by tapping Inbox at the bottom of your screen. From your Inbox, you’ll see any unread notifications, alongside a preview, listed at the top of the page, which you can tap for more details. After doing so, you’ll see all of your notifications laid out in descending order. Each will have an action prompt to the right of the entry, which will vary depending on the task. For example, if the notification is reminding you that your physical card will expire soon, you’ll be given the prompt to Replace Card.

You can mark notifications as read — either on a singular basis by clicking the three dots to the right of the notification or by tapping Mark all as read at the top of the screen.

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