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What requires my attention?

All Brex users, whether you’re an admin or an employee, will see an Inbox section in both the dashboard and Brex app. You’ll be able to clearly view, prioritize, and address critical tasks, requests, and necessary account-related actions so that your business operations can run smoothly. These may relate to expenses/reimbursements, budgets, cards, and requests for documentation.

View to-dos

In your dashboard

You can view any outstanding tasks from your Brex dashboard by clicking Inbox > Tasks.

Depending on the specific task, you can click on it to be directed to the place in your dashboard where you can address it.

Inbox includes a tab for task drafts and a tab for your personal requests. Managers and admins will also see an overview of company-wide reviews in the other tabs.

Requests shows pending budget requests and reimbursement requests that you have already submitted and are awaiting approval for.

Drafts contains reimbursements that you have started but have not yet submitted. You can save your work as a draft here to be completed at a later time.

Business accounts appears if you have a Brex business account, and shows you transactions that need approval or review. You can find Brex business account maintanence-related actions in the Tasks tab and non-actionable notifications in the Notification center.

Expenses shows managers, account admins, and card admins their direct reports’ expenses. Account and card admins can also see all company expenses with submitted documentation pending review. It speeds up the review process by laying out any expenses with submitted documentation that you need to review.

Reimbursements shows managers, account admins, and card admins reimbursement requests submitted by your direct reports that you need to review. Admins can also see all company reimbursement requests pending review.

Budgets shows managers, account admins, and card admins their direct reports’ budget requests that you need to review. Account and card admins can also see all company budget requests pending review. By default, these are filtered by requests pending review. You can remove the filters to see all your other outstanding requests.

You can find notifications by clicking on the bell icon at the top navigation bar. Notifications are meant to keep you informed and don’t require action.

In your app

You can manage your tasks from your Brex app by tapping Inbox at the bottom of your screen. From your Inbox, you’ll see any unread tasks laid out in descending order. Each will have an action prompt to the right of the entry, which will vary depending on the task.

To view notifications, tap the bell sign at the top of the screen. Tapping on each notification will redirect you to the page for more details. For example, if the notification is reminding you that your physical card will expire soon, you’ll be given the prompt to Replace card.

You can mark notifications as read either on a singular basis by clicking the three dots to the right of the notification or by tapping Mark all as read at the top of the screen.

Task priority

If you go to Inbox > Tasks in your dashboard, you’ll find your tasks separated into two categories: company tasks (for admins only) and personal tasks. Within these categories, they’ll be sorted by priority, which may be indicated by the tag to the right of the task’s title. Here are the different tags you can expect to find:

  • Critical: This tag indicates that a failure to complete the call to action within a timely manner may have an impact on your spend compliance or overall limit. To help avoid this, please make sure that you take care of anything marked as critical right away.

  • Due in [#] days: This tag indicates that the task is required, but that you still have some time to get it done.

Note: Tasks with a tag of Critical or Due in [#] days are required.

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