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Reasons for failure

There are multiple reasons why a reimbursement request might fail. Some examples include inputting an invalid account/routing number, attempting to use an unverified bank account, or exceeding your 7-day rolling reimbursement limit.

Go to Expenses to view the failure reason and possible suggestions to fix the reimbursement request.

Resubmitting the request

If your reimbursement request fails, you can manually submit a new request. Reimbursement requests often fail due to incorrect or outdated bank account information, so please make sure all information is accurate before submitting a new request.

Step 1: Navigate to Expenses > Requests in your Brex dashboard.

Step 2: To the right of your current connected bank account, click Change to update all accounting information.

Step 3: Resubmit your reimbursement request by following the steps in How can I submit a reimbursement request?.

Note: Updating your account information does not automatically resubmit your reimbursement request. Please create a new request manually.

There are multiple reasons why a reimbursement request might fail, but it can usually be attributed to a recipient issue or a funding issue.

You can see if a reimbursement has failed by going to either the Expenses page for employee reimbursements, or the Wallet page for personal reimbursements. Filter for Payment status and click Declined/Failed. When you click on the expense, it will let you know why the reimbursement failed.

Recipient issues

HC - Reimbursement Failed 01

If the personal bank account information is not valid, the employee will need to reconnect their bank account. You can leave a comment in the details pane to help communicate this.

After the employee has updated their bank account, we’ll automatically cancel any failed reimbursements.

Funding issues

HC - Reimbursement Failed 02

An error message referencing the company bank account may indicate that the bank account used for funding reimbursements doesn’t have enough funds available. If you still want to use this account to fund the reimbursement, you’ll need to increase its balance before retrying. Otherwise, you can choose to use a different bank account that already has the funds available.

After making sure your designated bank account has enough funds to cover the reimbursement, an account or card admin can click Retry payment at the bottom of the detail pane to pay the employee’s reimbursement.

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