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For vendors that you regularly send payments to, you can add them into a virtual address book in your Brex account. Going forward, instead of manually entering their payment information, you’ll just need to select them from a dropdown to populate their account number, routing number, and other details.

Adding a single vendor

In the dashboard

Step 1: Under Vendors in your Brex dashboard, click Add vendor at the top right. Step 2: Enter the vendor name, email address, and phone number (email and phone number are optional) and click Create. Step 3: Select Add account next to the payment rail you'd like to use for this vendor and enter the required information for that payment type. Step 4: Select Review to confirm the vendor information and select Save to complete.

In the app

Step 1: Under the $ tab, select Send ACH payment. Step 2: Tap Add new recipient. Step 3: Enter the vendor’s information — their name, routing number, and account number — and tap Add recipient at the bottom. Step 4: Confirm what type of bank account you’ve added (business checking, business savings, etc). Step 5: Press Select to add the new vendor.

Requesting a vendor

If preferred, you can request that the vendor fill out the required details directly from your dashboard. After you’ve saved their basic company details in your Vendors tab, click on their name to open the details window and click Request payment details. This will send an email to the email address that you associated with your vendor. When they click it, it will take your vendor to a temporary portal where they can fill in their primary payment information on your behalf. As soon as they do so, your dashboard will be automatically updated. This information is securely stored within our system, ensuring the privacy of your vendor’s data. We only reference the data internally to help keep your account safe. If your vendor has questions please reference this help article.

Adding multiple vendors

If you have multiple vendors, you can save time by using our bulk upload tool in your Brex dashboard. This option is not available in the app. Step 1: Under Vendors, click Add vendors via CSV. Step 2: Download the CSV template, replace sample data, and fill in your vendors’ information. Upload the file and click Next. Note: If your vendor list doesn’t match the template or certain fields are missing, you’ll receive an error message inviting you to return to Step 2. We require a name and at least one form of payment noted for each vendor. Step 3: Review your vendor details, select all the ones you are ready to import, and click Import vendors to add them to your Brex account. Note: If any fields contain invalid or duplicate data, you can see those noted in the Unable to import tab. Click Go back to re-upload a CSV with updated details or click Import vendors to continue (you can always add and edit vendors later). To resolve duplicate data, the vendor name must be unique.

Managing vendors

Once your vendors are created, they will be stored on the Vendors page. Selecting a vendor from the list will give account or card admins and users the option to edit details, delete, request payment details, or send a payment.

Vendor details
Field nameRequiredDescriptionAccepted valuesAdditional informationExample
NameYesName of the vendorN/AMust be unique and cannot contain accented lettersAcme Studios
Email addressNoVendor email to contact regarding paymentsN/A
Phone numberNoVendor phone number to contact regarding paymentsN/AMust be in E.164 format: No dashes or parentheses, and must include a "+" at the beginningUSA: +13231508396 China:+861085117777
ACH details
Field nameRequired?DescriptionAccepted valuesAdditional informationExample
ACH: Business or personal ACH payment account classBUSINESS/PERSONALWill default to BUSINESS if not providedBUSINESS
ACH: Account number ACH account numberN/A 12345678
ACH: Checking or savings ACH payment account typeCHECKING/SAVINGSWill default to CHECKING if not providedCHECKING
ACH: Routing number ACH routing numberN/A 121122676
Domestic wire details
Field nameRequired?DescriptionAccepted valuesAdditional informationExample
Domestic wire: Account number Domestic wire account numberN/A 0932840293
Domestic wire: Routing number Domestic wire routing numberN/A 026009593
Domestic wire: Address 1 Domestic wire recipient's addressN/AMust be a USPS deliverable address200 Park Avenue
Domestic wire: Address 2 Domestic wire recipient's addressN/A Suite 200
Domestic wire: City Domestic wire recipient's cityN/A New York
Domestic wire: State Domestic wire recipient's stateN/A NY
Domestic wire: Country Domestic wire recipient's countryUSDomestic wire payments can only be sent to the US and must be formatted as suchUS
Domestic wire: Zip Domestic wire recipient's zip codeN/A 10166
Check details
Field nameRequired? DescriptionAccepted valuesAdditional informationExample
Check: Address 1 Check recipient's addressN/AMust be a USPS deliverable address1201 Market St.
Check: Address 2 Check recipient's addressN/A Suite 500
Check: City Check recipient's cityN/A San Francisco
Check: State Check recipient's stateN/A CA
Check: Country Check recipient's countryUSCheck payments can only be sent within the US and must be formatted as suchUS
Check: Zip Check recipient's zip codeN/A 94103
International wire details
Field nameRequired?DescriptionAccepted valuesAdditional informationExample
International wire: IBAN International wire recipient’s International Bank Account Number (IBAN)N/A BE68539007547034
International wire: Swift code International wire recipient’s SWIFT code, also known as a Bank Identifier Code (BIC)N/A EBATBEBBXXX
International wire: Address Check recipient's addressN/A 456 Side St.
International wire: City Check recipient's cityN/A Brussels
International wire: Country Check recipient's countryMust be formatted as a two-letter (alpha-2) country codeBE
International wire: Zip Check recipient's zip codeN/A 1000
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