Brex business accounts

  • What is Brex Cash?

    Brex Cash was the former name of our cash management accounts offered by Brex Treasury (a FINRA-registered broker-dealer). This product has been renamed “Brex business account” to better reflect the services and features provided. If you had an existing Brex Cash account, nothing in your account has changed.

  • How do I find my account and routing number?

    The routing number for your Brex business account with Lending Club was 211075086 and Column Bank is 121145349. You can reference this number, and other account details, in your dashboard or mobile app.

  • Can you give me more information on reverse wires?

    Reverse wires, also known as a wire drawdown or draw-down requests, allow you to authorize another party to withdraw funds directly from your bank account. This other party is often your payroll provider, who may require that you use reverse wires to make sure their payroll is processed correctly.

  • How do I add funds to my Brex business account?

    Let’s get your account funded! Here are a few easy ways to increase your Brex business account balance and credit limit. Transfer funds from an external bank account This is typically the fastest way to add funds to your Brex business account.

  • How do I manage my vendors?

    Admins and users can create and manage vendor information right from the Brex dashboard. The Vendors page under the Cash tab will provide a table of all the stored vendors in your account.

  • Where can I send an international wire?

    International wire transfers can be sent from your Brex business account to the countries listed below. Note: This list is ever-evolving and is subject to change.

  • How do I view my Brex business account balances?

    From your dashboard Step 1: Go to Cash > Transactions. Step 2: You can see your total balance, across all Brex business accounts, under Available balance. Step 3: To see this broken down by individual account, click All accounts.

  • How do I block or allow ACH debits?

    You can prevent unwanted ACH debits by managing which counterparties are authorized to pull funds from your Brex business account. Whenever an unauthorized ACH debit is attempted, all Brex business account and card admins, as well as Brex business account users, will be notified via email.

  • How do I close one or more Brex business account?

    Closing one account If you have more than one Brex business account, an account admin can close one of them while still leaving the rest of the accounts open. Step 1: Navigate to the Settings page under your company name in the top right of your dashboard.

  • How long do checks take to deposit?

    Processing times for check deposits vary depending on the size of the deposit and the need for enhanced due diligence. Checks will typically clear within 5-7 business days. To add funds to your account more quickly, we recommend initiating a wire transfer or ACH from your external bank account.

  • How can I track an outgoing ACH or wire payment?

    ACHs ACH transfers can be tracked via a 15-digit number referred to as a trace number. The trace number is issued by the sending institution, and can be provided to your receiving institution to track the impending transfer even before it has arrived in their system.

  • How do I deposit a check?

    Check deposits are quick and easy via the Brex mobile app. If you don't already have it, please read How can I install the Brex mobile app?. Once installed, follow the steps below to make your mobile deposit.

  • Can I cancel or modify my transfer?

    ACHs and wires Once you’ve initiated an ACH or wire transfer from your Brex business account, you won’t have the option of canceling it. If necessary, you can get in touch with your receiving institution to arrange for the transfer to be sent back after it arrives.

  • How do I send or receive an ACH?

    Outbound Brex business account admins can send ACH payments, while AP clerks can create payment drafts that will go to admins for approval. To send a payment, please follow the steps below. From the Brex dashboard Step 1: Sign in to your Brex dashboard.

  • How do I transfer funds between my Brex business accounts?

    Move money easily and instantly between your Brex business accounts by following the steps below. In the dashboard Step 1: Go to Cash > Transfer funds > Between Cash accounts and choose which accounts you’d like to transfer funds between. Step 2: Choose an amount and transfer date.

  • How does having multiple Brex business accounts work?

    If you’re approved for a Brex business account, account admins can create up to eight individual accounts under one EIN. The individual accounts will have unique account numbers but the same permissions as your primary account.

  • How do I connect my payroll to my Brex business account?

    You can connect Brex business account to your payroll service using your account and routing numbers found in your dashboard under Cash > Transactions > Account details > View details. Here are instructions for several common payroll providers: TriNet Justworks Intuit Quickbooks Payroll Gusto Rippling If you don’t see your

  • How do Brex business account transaction approvals work?

    Transaction or transfer approvals impact Brex business accounts that have any AP clerks or more than one account admin. For more information on the Brex role types, please read What are the various Brex role types?. For AP clerk-initiated transactions All transactions will require an admin’s approval.

  • What options do I have to send or receive funds?

    Sending money You can send money via: ACH Domestic wire transfer International wire transfer Check Receiving money How you can receive money You can receive money via: ACH Domestic wire transfer International wire transfer Check You cannot receive money via: Credit card payment Invoice Where you can receive money from

  • How do I add a Brex business account to my account?

    Admins of existing Brex card accounts can apply for a Brex business account right from the dashboard by following the steps below. Step 1: Select Cash in your Brex dashboard. Step 2: Click Apply now to begin the application. Step 3: Complete the application and our identity verification by uploading a government-issued photo ID.

  • What is a trace number?

    A trace number is a 15-digit number used to track inbound and outbound ACH transfers. It is issued by the sending institution, and can be provided to your receiving institution to track the impending transfer even before it has arrived in their system.

  • Can I request a refund on an ACH, wire, or mailed check?

    ACHs and wires Your best, and fastest, option to get funds from an ACH or wire returned is to request that the receiver manually initiate a refund for the full amount. If that’s not possible, we can make a best-effort attempt to recall electronically transferred funds.

  • Why did my check deposit fail?

    Check deposits fail for a variety of reasons. Please refer to the suggestions below to ensure a successful check deposit. The check type wasn’t supported There are certain types of checks that we cannot accept. See more at Which type of checks can I deposit?.

  • Which type of checks can I deposit?

    Below is a breakdown of which types of checks you can and can’t deposit via Brex. Note: We are not able to accept physical checks by mail. We can only deposit physical checks virtually via the Brex app.

  • Is the Brex card a debit card / secured card?

    All Brex cards are credit cards. We report your payment history on these cards to business credit bureaus so that Brex can help you build business credit. Payment is typically due for daily statement card balances every day. However, funds aren’t immediately withdrawn whenever you transact.

  • How do I link my PayPal account to my Brex business account?

    Link your PayPal account to your Brex business account to make transfers easy by completing the following steps on PayPal’s website. Step 1: Navigate to Wallet in the menu of your PayPal dashboard. Step 2: Select Link a bank. Step 3: Search for Brex in the bank list.

  • How do I update my routing number with eBay?

    We recently transitioned to a new partner bank, Column National Association, so all Brex business accounts have new routing and account numbers. If you’re having issues updating your Brex business account details on your eBay account, please follow the steps below.

  • How do I add Brex to my safelist?

    When depositing funds to your Brex business account via the Add funds button in your dashboard, Brex will initiate an ACH debit from the selected financial account. However, some institutions may block or return this debit depending on the ACH blocking or filtering on the account.

  • Can I deposit cash in my Brex business account?

    We don't currently offer the option to deposit Brex business account or use ATMs with your Brex card. Please read How do I add funds to my Brex business account? to learn about alternatives to cash deposits.

  • Brex deposit limits

    What are deposit limits? There are 3 types of deposits and each has different limits: How are my deposit limits set? Deposit limits are determined by many factors including the tenure of your account, your deposit history, your spending history, and more.

  • Why is my option to “Add funds” suddenly unavailable?

    If you’ve had one or more failed deposit attempts on your account, your option to Add funds from your dashboard may become restricted. During this time, you can still transfer funds into your Brex business account from external sources (such as from your bank portal).

  • What does Brex card collection mean?

    Account admins will see Brex card collections under the Cash tab if your company is making daily payments with your Brex business account. These are payments to Brex for all cleared transactions made on your Brex card, which are paid directly from your Brex business account.

  • How do I request a voided check?

    Brex doesn’t currently provide voided checks. However, you can download an account verification letter from your Brex dashboard that should be a sufficient alternative. Please follow these instructions to do so: Where can I download my Brex business account verification letter?.

  • Can I use my Brex card at an ATM?

    By default, Brex credit cards cannot be used to withdraw cash at ATMs. For supported ways to transfer your balance, see How do I send a payment?.

  • Can I deposit a check to Brex via mail?

    Brex can’t accept checks by mail. Checks can be deposited in your Brex account at any time through our mobile app. The app will allow you to take a photo of your physical check and submit it for processing right away.

  • Onboarding guide for Brex account admins

    Welcome to Brex and congratulations on getting your cash management account! We'll walk you through the setup process for your Brex business account and introduce you to the account's main functions. Interested in learning more about how this works?

  • I’m having trouble sending a payment

    Below are some common reasons you may be having issues arranging an ACH or wire, or sending a check. The transfer wasn't finalized After entering the information for your transfer, you’ll be brought to a summary page. This isn’t a confirmation that the transfer has been initiated.

  • How do I send or receive a domestic wire?

    Below you’ll find the instructions for how to send and receive domestic wires to and from your Brex business account. If you want to initiate an international wire, read How do I send and receive international wires?.

  • Where do I see a pending transfer on my Brex dashboard?

    You can see all pending transfers that were initiated through the Brex dashboard under Cash > Transactions. If you used an external service to initiate the transfer, you won’t be able to see the pending transfer until it has cleared in your Brex business account.

  • Is Brex safe from a bank run?

    Yes. 100% of funds in Brex business accounts are always available for withdrawal, and deposits into Brex bank accounts are never used for lending purposes. This is because a Brex business account is not a bank account.

  • Is a Brex business account a bank account?

    Brex business accounts are not bank accounts; they're cash management accounts offered by Brex Treasury (a FINRA-registered broker-dealer) that functions very much like a business bank account. You can use your Brex business account to securely deposit checks (including via mobile app); send and receive payments via ACH, check, and

  • What types of bank accounts can I connect to Brex?

    In your Brex dashboard, you can link one or more bank accounts to fund your Brex business account or use for reimbursements. To ensure a successful bank connection, make sure the account you’re connecting to is a US depository account — either a business or consumer bank account — and

  • Are my money market fund (MMF) investments safe?

    Your money market fund (MMF) investments are segregated and securely held by Bank of New York Mellon. These funds are invested in the Dreyfus Government Cash Management fund (DGVXX). They are held as shares by you, the customer, through our Brex business account and managed by Brex Treasury through the

  • Where are my money market funds stored?

    Funds in your Brex business account that you choose to store in money market funds are segregated and held by Bank of New York Mellon. These funds are invested in the Dreyfus Government Cash Management Investor Shares (DGVXX).

  • How do I send a check?

    To arrange for a check to be sent, please follow the steps below. Note: All checks sent from your Brex business account are standard checks. We don’t currently support sending other check types, such as cashier’s checks.

  • How do I send a payment?

    Brex business account admins can send ACH, wire, and check payments. AP clerks can create payment drafts that will go to admins for approval. To send a payment, please follow the steps below. Sending payments from the Brex dashboard Outbound ACHs, wires, and checks can be sent directly from the Brex dashboard.

  • How does the migration of my investments impact me?

    During the week of January 2, 2023, Brex Treasury will be migrating all Brex business account customers with investments in Dreyfus Government Cash Management Administrative Shares (DAGXX) to Dreyfus Government Cash Management Investor Shares (DGVXX).

  • Who should my vendors make my checks be payable to?

    To successfully deposit a check via the Brex mobile app, the check must be made payable to one of the following names: Legal business name The legal business name associated with your Brex business account is the name you provide us with during the application process.

  • What are the standard processing times for transfers?

    Getting you easy access to the funds you need to grow your business is why Brex exists. We process payments as quickly and safely as possible, though processing times will vary depending on the sending institution and payment method.

  • Can I order physical checks?

    You can send checks from your Brex dashboard by following these instructions: How do I send a check?. We don’t currently offer physical checkbooks for issuing checks from your Brex business account.

  • How do I manage my allocation strategy?

    For your primary Brex business account, you can choose a custom percentage or specific dollar amount for allocating funds between FDIC-insured cash and money market funds (MMF) by following the steps below. You can change the allocation strategy at any time.