Brex application next steps

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Thanks for applying for a Brex account! You can expect to have your application reviewed within the next 3-5 business days. Note: Applying for Brex won’t impact you or your employees’ personal credit score in any way.

Action required

In some cases, your application will be approved, but we’ll need you to provide some additional information. In this case, we’ll assign you a follow-up task in your Brex dashboard. You’ll have 30 days to complete these tasks following your initial approval.

Compliance attestation form

We may also request a compliance attestation form to fulfill specific US government requirements. Any company that provides financial services or products will need to complete this form.

Underwriting documentation

If you applied for our Brex card with monthly payments, we may request that you upload some additional documents to verify your funding source. If this is the case, you can expect to receive both an email notification and an alert with more details about the specific information we need. Some examples of requested documents are:

  • Credit bureau report items
  • Angel funding proof
  • Business activity pitch deck or live business website

You can respond directly to the email and include the requested documents or upload them at a later date via the alert in your dashboard or app. If you’re missing anything that we’ve requested, checkmark I can’t provide any of this information at the bottom of the alert.

Upon account approval

We’ll notify you via email once your application has been fully processed. You can also check your application status at any time by signing in to your Brex dashboard. If you need to edit your application details or withdraw it after submission, please reach out to Brex Support. Once your account has been fully approved, you can start using it immediately.

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