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When you have a Brex business account, you can send outbound checks to your vendors. Rather than being issued a physical checkbook that you fill out by hand, you’ll request checks in your Brex dashboard, which will then be shipped out to the indicated party. We don’t offer physical checkbooks for issuing checks from your Brex business account. All checks sent from your business account will be standard checks. We don’t offer other check types, such as cashier’s checks.

Sending process

To arrange for a check to be sent, please follow the steps below.

In the dashboard

Step 1: Go to Accounts > Business accounts > Move money> Pay someone. Step 2: Enter your recipient's name. Step 3: Under Payment type, select Check. Also enter the amount you want to send and a memo, if you'd like. Step 4: Enter the recipient's mailing address and click Next. Step 5: Enter your recipient's email address if you'd like to alert them. Step 6: Select a delivery date and click Review. Step 7: Review all check details and click Create payment to send or schedule the check.

In the app

Step 1: From your homescreen, tap Transfer and choose Check. Step 2: Select a Brex business account to use for the payment under From. Step 3: Choose an existing recipient and tap Continue, or tap Add new recipient. Step 4: If adding a new recipient, enter their sending information throughout the next several screens. Step 5: Enter the payment amount. Step 6: Choose the payment date and whether you want it to repeat. Step 7: Review the payment details and click Send.

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