How does having multiple Brex business accounts work?

If you’re approved for a Brex business account, account admins can create up to 240 individual accounts under one EIN. The individual accounts will have unique account numbers but the same permissions as your primary account. They can be used to deposit funds for various reasons including, for example, different categories of spending. Account admins will also be able to transfer funds instantly between accounts.

Daily payments on multiple Brex business accounts will be taken from the primary Brex business account balance. The credit limit for these Brex business accounts will be based on the primary account’s balance.


For Brex cards with daily payments, limits are based only on the balance in your primary Brex business account — not the aggregate balance across multiple accounts. Payments will be automatically pulled daily from your primary Brex business account balance.

For Brex cards with monthly payments, limits are based on the sum total of all Brex business account balances, as well as balances from connected external bank accounts.

To learn more, please read How do Brex credit limits work?.


In your dashboard

Step 1: In your Brex dashboard, navigate to Accounts > Add account> Add Brex business account. Alternatively, click on Add new account at the bottom of the table.

Step 2: Review the account features and click Add account.

Step 3: Create a name for the account to help you differentiate it from other Brex business accounts (i.e. “Operating Account”). Click Next.

Step 4: Review the Terms & Conditions and if you agree, click Finish.

Step 5: On the Brex business accounts page under the Accounts tab, you’ll now see the new account in the Brex business accounts section.

In your app

Users can create, move money between, and manage many aspects of multiple accounts in the Brex mobile app.

Step 1: Sign in to the Brex app and tap the $ icon at the bottom of the home screen.

Step 2: On the Brex business account page, tap the Primary account dropdown menu.

Step 3: Tap Create account.

Step 4: Follow the instructions to approve the terms and conditions, and create an account nickname.

Step 5: Transfer funds from an existing Brex business account to fund your new account and start using it.

Customizing Brex business accounts

You can change the name associated with each of your Brex business accounts under Accounts > Brex business accounts in your dashboard. Click the Brex business account you want to update and go to Manage Account > Edit account name to enter a new name.

Account admin permissions

Account admins approved for a Brex business account can have up to 240 separate accounts under one EIN, all with the same permissions. Permissions can be adjusted for all accounts from the Team tab of your Brex dashboard under Users. See How do I change another user’s role? for more details.

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