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A wire is a means of transferring funds to or from your Brex business account. There are two types of wire transfers:

  1. Domestic wires: Transfer funds to someone in your same country. These usually take 1-2 business days to process.
  2. International wires: Transfer funds to a party in a separate country. These can take 3-5 business days, though this depends based on the country and processing institutions involved.

Domestic wires

Send an outbound domestic wire

In the dashboard

To initiate a wire transfer, navigate to Accounts > Business accounts in your Brex dashboard and click Move money > Pay someone. Note: If you have bill pay enabled, your prompts will be Send funds > To external account > Vendor. Step 2: Provide the following information:

  • Recipient’s full name
  • Sender full name
  • Recipient phone number
  • Sender phone number
  • Recipient address
    • This cannot be a PO box
  • Recipient bank name and information
  • Recipient checking account information
  • The dollar amount you’re sending
  • Recipient bank’s routing number
  • Recipient’s account number

Step 3a: If this is a one-time payment, select Review to confirm the payment details and complete the transaction as scheduled. Step 3b: To repeat this payment, select Repeat this deposit and choose how often you’d like the payment to recur (monthly, weekly, or custom frequency). Step 4b: Indicate when you'd like the repeating payment to end. Step 5b: Review the recurring payment details and select Create recurring payment.

In the app

Step 1: From your homescreen, tap Transfer and choose either Domestic wire or International wire. Step 2: Select a business account to use for the payment under From. Step 3: Choose an existing recipient and tap Continue, or tap Add new recipient. Step 4: If adding a new recipient, enter their sending information throughout the next several screens. Note: The required information will differ depending on if you’re sending a domestic or international wire. Step 5: Enter the payment amount. Step 6: Choose the payment date and whether you want it to repeat. Step 7: Review the payment details and tap Send.

Receive an inbound domestic wire

To have a vendor send you a domestic wire, please provide them with the following information and instructions: Note: If you’ve recently changed your legal business name or “doing business as” (DBA) name, please make sure your vendors have updated this in their records.

  • ABA/Routing number: 121145349
  • Account number: Your Brex business account number (can be found in Account details)
  • Account type: Business checking
  • Beneficiary name: Your company name (in Account details)
  • Beneficiary address: Your company’s address (in Account details)
  • Bank name: Column NA Brex
  • Bank address: 1 Letterman Drive, Building A, Suite A4-700, San Francisco, CA, 94129

Note: This is what Brex requires to initiate transfers. If the other party asks for additional information, you may need to get further instructions from them.

International wires

Note: We cannot support transactions in certain regions, listed in the Regions > Unsupported section further down on the page.

Send an outbound international wire

In the dashboard

Step 1: Sign in to your Brex dashboard. Navigate to Accounts > Business accounts > Move money > Pay someone. Step 2: Enter the payment details including the beneficiary information, payment type, and amount. Step 3: Choose the desired payment date, noting the estimated arrival time on the right side. You’ll have the option of sending your international wire in either USD or in the local currency of your recipient's country. Note: Some currencies might not be available. Step 4: For one-time payments, select Review to confirm the payment details and complete the transaction. If you'd like the payment to repeat, please read this help article.

Receive an inbound international wire

To have a vendor send you a international wire, please provide them with the following information and instructions: Beneficiary bank information

  • SWIFT/BIC code: CHASUS33
  • SWIFT ABA/routing/transit number (if asked): 021000021
  • Bank name: JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.
  • Bank address: 270 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
    • Note: If the ZIP code is not accepted, please enter 10172 instead.
  • Beneficiary name: Brex Treasury LLC
  • Beneficiary account number: 670912226
  • Beneficiary address: 405 Howard St. Floor 2, San Francisco, CA 94105

Note: Brex doesn’t have an IBAN, as IBANs are, more often than not, exclusive to European institutions. If you’re trying to arrange a transfer into your Brex business account and the originator’s transfer form requires an IBAN, please reach out to the sending institution. Once provided, fill out the memo field as written below, replacing the information in brackets with your Brex business account details. These can be found under Account settings > Wire details. FFC [your 15 digit Brex business account number] [your company name] For example, if your company name was Acme Inc. and your account number was 111222333444, you would fill out the memo field as shown below. You can find your account number and details using our guide in this help article.

HC - Wire Instructions

Note: If the sending institution’s online payment portal doesn’t have a memo / special instructions field, reach out to the bank directly to determine how to include a memo.

Local currency

One of the most traditional forms of wiring money involves using the SWIFT network (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). However, using the SWIFT network runs your money through several different banks on the way to your destination, often resulting in delays and fees (especially currency fees). For instance, if you send an international wire from Brex to your supplier in Beijing, the wire might pass through Barclays London and Bank of Hong Kong before it’s deposited in your recipient’s account at Bank of China Beijing. To help avoid this, you can send an international wire in the local currency of the wire’s destination (sometimes called “foreign currency wires” or “FX wires”). Choosing to send payment in local currency as opposed to in USD gives you the following advantages:

  • Streamlined delivery. With fewer intermediary banks involved in local currency wire transactions, wires typically take less time to process and arrive sooner than wires sent in USD.
  • Fewer fees. Because fewer intermediary banks are involved, it reduces opportunities for added processing fees to be deducted from your wire. As a result, you can have higher confidence that your beneficiary will receive the amount you sent (although their bank may still charge them fees to receive the wire).

International wires can be sent from your Brex business account to any country listed under Supported. We cannot support transactions in any of the Unsupported regions. If you use your Brex Business Account to send an international wire transfer in a currency other than U.S. dollars, then we will choose the foreign exchange rate (“FX Rate”) for that transfer at our sole discretion. See your Brex business account agreement for more details.



Brex cannot facilitate transactions with these regions:

  • Afghanistan
  • Antarctica
  • Cuba
  • Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • Korea (Democratic People's Republic of)
  • South Sudan
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

Note: This list is ever evolving and is subject to change.


Brex can facilitate transactions to all of the following locations, with available currency options listed on the right.

CountrySupported currencies
Antigua and BarbudaUSD
ArmeniaUSD, AMD
AustraliaUSD, AUD
AustriaUSD, EUR
BahamasUSD, BSD
BelgiumUSD, GBP, EUR
BoliviaUSD, BOB
BrazilUSD, BRL
BulgariaUSD, EUR
CambodiaUSD, KHR
CameroonUSD, EUR
Cayman IslandsUSD
ColumbiaUSD, COP, EUR
Costa RicaUSD
Cote d'IvoireUSD
Czech RepublicUSD, CZK, EUR
DenmarkUSD, DKK, EUR
Dominican RepublicUSD, DOP
El SalvadorUSD
EstoniaUSD, EUR
FinlandUSD, EUR
FranceUSD, EUR
GeorgiaUSD, GEL
GermanyUSD, EUR, INR
GreeceUSD, EUR
HungaryUSD, HUF, EUR
IrelandUSD, EUR, GBP
IsraelUSD, ILS
JamaicaUSD, JMD
KuwaitUSD, KWD
LatviaUSD, EUR
LithuaniaUSD, EUR
MexicoUSD, MXN
MontenegroUSD, EUR
MoroccoUSD, MAD
NetherlandsUSD, EUR
New ZealandUSD, NZD
NigeriaUSD, NGN
NorwayUSD, NOK
PakistanUSD, PKR
ParaguayUSD, PYG
PhillipinesUSD, PHP, EUR, CNY
PortugalUSD, EUR, GBP
RomaniaUSD, RON, EUR
RwandaUSD, RWF
SenegalUSD, XOF, EUR
SerbiaUSD, RSD
Sierra LeoneUSD
SingaporeUSD, SGD
SlovakiaUSD, EUR
SloveniaUSD, EUR
South AfricaUSD, ZAR
South KoreaUSD
Sri LankaUSD
SwedenUSD, EUR
SwitzerlandUSD, CHF
TaiwanUSD, TWD
TanzaniaUSD, TZS
ThailandUSD, THB
Trinidad and TobagoUSD
UkraineUSD, UAH
United KingdomUSD, GBP, EUR, INR
VietnamUSD, VND

Reverse wires

Reverse wires, also known as a wire drawdown or draw-down requests, allow you to authorize another party to withdraw funds directly from your bank account. This other party is often your payroll provider, who may require that you use reverse wires to make sure their payroll is processed correctly. Payroll providers often prefer reverse wires because they pull money directly from your account and are preferable for large, recurring transactions (even if the exact amount of the recurring payment varies). Reverse wires also help Brex customers in a few important ways:

  • Reliability: If you have enough funds in your account, wire drawdowns are much more likely to go through than ACH debit or check transactions.
  • Cash on hand: Wire drawdowns are processed in real time, like a wire, so the withdrawal date is usually less than two days before payroll. By leaving money in your bank account longer, you have more cash on hand.
  • Easy reconciliation: If you regularly send employee payroll, contractor payroll, and payroll tax payments every two weeks, wire drawdowns will consolidate all three payroll withdrawals into a single transaction.
Set up a reverse wire

Step 1: Click Accounts > Business accounts. Select the account you’d like to set up payroll for, and click Account Settings > Settings > Manage under Payroll connection. Step 2: Select your payroll provider from the dropdown menu. If you don’t see it on the list, you can type it in manually. Step 3: Select whether you’d like to connect via ACH debit or reverse wires. Step 4: To use your payroll connection for reverse wires, verify your information, enter your provider’s information and authorize the payment in your dashboard. Step 5: Finalize the process by logging into your provider’s portal and connecting your payroll provider through your provider’s instructions. After setting up the authorization, you can initiate the transaction from your payroll provider’s platform. You can find the reverse wire authorization in the Vendors tab under the name of your payroll provider.

Revoke authorization

You can easily revoke a reverse wire authorization by following the steps below. Step 1: In your dashboard, navigate to Vendors and search the Payroll Provider. Step 2: Select the red icon next to the Reverse Wire Authorization. Step 3: Confirm that you’d like to revoke the authorization.


If you use Brex Business Account to send an international wire transfer in a currency other than U.S. dollars, then we will choose the foreign exchange rate (“FX Rate”) for that transfer at our sole discretion. Please see your Brex business account agreement for more detail.

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