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Account admins and AP clerks can deposit checks into your Brex business account from the Brex mobile app. The app lets you take a photo of your physical check and starts processing it right away. Checks will typically clear 2-5 business days after they’ve been deposited. Until they’ve fully cleared, the funds won’t be available for use. Note: Brex does not accept or process mailed checks.

Accepted check types

Before depositing a check into your Brex business account, please make sure it’s issued in one of the following formats:

  • Cashier’s checks
  • Regular handwritten checks
  • E-checks
    • E-checks are accepted as long as the deposit photo isn't a screen capture. The check must be printed and the word “e-check” or “electronic check” must be present on the check.

As a general rule, the check can’t be on printed paper (unless it's a printed e-check). The content in the Pay to the order of field, the amount, and the signature must all be input by wet pen. We cannot accept any of the following check formats:

  • Money orders
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Printed checks
    • Excluding printed e-checks
  • Photocopies or screenshots of checks
  • Checks in currency other than USD
  • Checks that did not originate from a US-based bank

Vendor instructions

Once you make sure that we support the type of check your vendor plans to issue, you’ll want to work with that vendor to make sure all the other check details are correct. This helps make sure your check deposits are smooth and quick.

Where to send the check

Vendors will need to send the check to your own business address, or that of an account admin/AP clerk. The check cannot be mailed to Brex directly. If your vendor has already sent the physical check to one of our offices, get a stop payment issued on this check. After this, request that the sender reissue the check to your business address.

Who to make the check out to

To successfully deposit a check into your Brex business account, request that your vendor make the check payable to one of the following names:

  • Legal business name: Your Brex business account’s legal name is the name you provide us with during the application process.
  • Legal name of an account admin: Checks can be made out to the legal name (as provided when creating their user account) of a Brex business account admin.
    • The same account admin who the check was made out to must be the one to endorse the back of the check with their signature.
  • Doing Business As (DBA) name: You can designate one or more DBA names for your Brex business account at any point after your account is approved.

Deposit instructions

Once you have your check in hand, it’s time to deposit it via the Brex app. Step 1: In your Brex app, tap the $ icon at the bottom of the screen. Step 2: On the Business account page, tap Deposit near the top of the screen. Then tap Deposit a check at the bottom. Step 3: Select a Brex business account to deposit your check into and tap Continue. Step 4: Fill out the required information. This includes the check amount and the name of the sender (Who sent the check?). Step 5: Take a photo of the front and back of the endorsed check. The check will need to be horizontally aligned. When taking a photo of the back of the check, make sure to click the box that says Check here if mobile or remote deposit box, if applicable. The app will provide live feedback on image quality and automatically take the photo when it meets the appropriate parameters. You’ll have the option to retake the photo and receive a notification if the check has already been submitted. Note: After 20 seconds of an unsuccessful automatic picture attempt, you'll see an option for manual image capture. Step 5: Confirm the check details to start processing the deposit.

Check processing time

Checks will typically clear within 2-5 business days. However, processing times might vary depending on the size of your deposit and the due diligence requirement. You can view the status of your deposit from your Brex dashboard under Accounts > Business accounts > [Brex business account name] > Transactions.

Successful check deposits

Here are some tips for a successful check deposit:

  • Checks must be endorsed before they can be deposited.
    • The endorsement must be your wet signature, not a stamped endorsement.
  • Use ballpoint pens for a clean line, in blue or black ink.
  • Don’t use pencils, felt tip pens, or Sharpies.
  • Don’t use a single dot or line–use as close to your actual signature as possible.
  • Ensure that all fields of the check are legible and accurate.
  • Take the photo on a solid black background.
  • Check for intrusions on the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) line and make sure the check, account, and routing numbers are fully visible.
    • If any part of the MICR line is obstructed, the check won’t be accepted and you’ll need to request a new one.

If your check deposit fails, make sure that the check format is supported and that there are no illegible or missing details. Some other potential reasons for check deposit failures are as follows:

  • Not an original check: Photocopies or screenshots of checks will not be accepted. Please only take a picture of the original check.
  • Details do not match: The number manually entered in the check deposit mobile dashboard needs to match all other numbers on the check. Similarly, ensure that the written description of the check amount exactly matches the numerical representation.
  • The check was altered: Alterations to any portion of the check’s front are not allowed. If any details are incorrect, please request that your vendor issues a new check rather than try to correct it yourself.
  • Post-dated checks: Brex can’t accept checks dated in the future. You can wait to deposit post-dated checks until the date on the check, or contact the payer to request a new check with an earlier date.
  • Outdated checks: Based on the Uniform Commercial Code, we don’t accept checks over 180 days old. We also abide by any printed language on the check noting a sooner void date — i.e., if the check says void after 120 days, we will not accept it after 120 days.
  • Signature/endorsement issues: If the payer’s signature is missing, the receiver cannot sign on their behalf — you must request a new check. If the endorsement is missing, please endorse and resubmit the check.
  • Multiple deposits: Checks that have already been deposited at another institution cannot also be deposited into your Brex account.
  • Incorrect name: Checks must be made payable to one of the names outlined above.

Returned checks

Return checks can't be represented. If your check deposit returns, please request a new check from your vendor. Your vendor can also answer any questions about why the check was returned.

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