I’m having trouble sending a payment

Below are some common reasons you may be having issues arranging an ACH or wire, or sending a check.

The transfer wasn't finalized

After entering the information for your transfer, you’ll be brought to a summary page. This isn’t a confirmation that the transfer has been initiated.

To initiate, please click Confirm on the bottom right.

The receiving party’s information wasn’t entered correctly

Please pay special attention to account and routing numbers.

Your Brex role type doesn’t have payment permissions

Only AP clerks and admins can draft or initiate transfers. Read more about the permissions of different role types here: What are the various Brex role types?.

Your account is new and subject to deposit limitations

Read more about Brex deposit limitations.

You’ve recently had a failed transfer

If previous payments have failed recently, your account may be temporarily restricted. For further information, please see Why is my option to add funds suddenly unavailable?.

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