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4 ways to control spend at scale using automation.

Want more time back in your day? Here's how to reduce manual expense management and close the books faster with AI-powered automation.

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June 2024

Launch your startup faster with Brex and Stripe Atlas

Founders can now access banking services via a free Brex business account immediately after incorporating through Stripe Atlas.

headshot photo of Jason Mok

Jason Mok

Banking blog preview image

June 2024

Powering the next generation of startups with modern banking

Who you bank with matters. Set yourself up for success from Day 1 with a powerful banking experience tailored to startups.

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June 2024

How CFOs are overcoming the accountant shortage

Sure, there are fewer accountants, but nearly 75% of accounting tasks can be automated. Do more with less with Brex accounting automation.

Super case study preview

May 2024

5 accounting automation benefits every accountant needs to know

Want to close the books in minutes vs. days? Eliminate manual expense reports? Brex customers share the top accounting automation benefits.

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May 2024

The Boston Celtics chose Brex for corporate cards

The Boston Celtics chose Brex for corporate cards and spend management to proactively control spend, simplify expenses, and close the books in real time.

brex card with line

April 2024

How to streamline corporate expenses with lodge cards

Looking to improve your travel expense management? Discover the automation, visibility, and anti-fraud benefits of lodge cards.

Cash flow article preview

April 2024

Improve cash flow with Brex

Want to improve your cash flow processes? Discover the Brex advantage and automate cash forecasting, fraud detection, and reporting today.

Grow or No CFO article preview

March 2024

How top CFOs balance financial spend controls and growth

Missing growth goals? Learn why your approach to financial spend controls might be the problem — and what to do about it.


March 2024

A survival guide for new CFOs who aren’t CPAs

Tech CFO CJ Gustafson shares best practices for managing finance teams without an accounting background.

Forrester article preview

March 2024

Forrester survey: Spend management impacts your ability to compete globally

Top finance leaders share their challenges with global spend management and why the time to solve them is now.

Business travel preview

February 2024

Business travel reimagined: The modern way to do T&E

It took a joint technology partnership and an overhaul of the entire process to create Brex travel, but business travel is finally good again.

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February 2024

Paying vendors has never been this easy

Pay your vendors by card, ACH, or wire from any bank account, and automate invoice entry, PO matching, and approvals. Only with Brex bill pay.


February 2024

Winter 2024 Product Release

Discover our new Brex bill pay integrated with the controls and scalability of the Brex platform, including new spend limits that help you provision spend with confidence.

spend platforms article preview

January 2024

Why companies aren’t switching spend platforms

The companies that aren’t switching spend platforms don't know all the great benefits they're missing.

ERP preview

January 2024

What is ERP integration and how does it work?

Connecting your ERP software with your spend management system is essential for reducing human error and clunky processes.


January 2024

Platform vs point solution: Which is better?

Consider the needs of the buyer vs. day-to-day users when deciding between spend management platforms and pure-play tools.


December 2023

Your guide to replacing legacy expense tools

Renewing a legacy expense solution because it’s low-friction isn’t a sound business decision. Here’s when a new platform makes good sense.

EOY checklist preview

December 2023

Year-end checklist for startups

If 2023 taught us anything, it’s to be ready for anything. So we’ve gathered the top practices among founders so every startup can position itself for success.

Expense automation preview (1)

December 2023

The essential guide to expense management automation

Unlock the speed and compliance you need from your expense management system by automating these critical workflows.

Finance AI trends preview

November 2023

Finance AI trends: filtering the hype to find the value

Here’s your primer on the AI applications delivering spend management results today — and what’s not.

Per diem preview

November 2023

How to keep per diem spending under control

Take control of your per diem spending today and ensure that you get the best ROI on your business travel.

Brex vs concur

November 2023

The best Concur alternative for travel expense management? Brex

Looking for an SAP Concur alternative? Brex automates travel expense management for employees so finance teams can close the books in real time.


October 2023

Enable a culture of ‘freedom and responsibility’ in procurement

Enhance the employee experience in procurement while maintaining a culture of freedom and responsibility.

Travel ROI preview

October 2023

How to get better ROI on business travel

See how today's finance leaders are controlling T&E costs while improving the ROI of business travel.

Impact metrics preview

October 2023

How Brex customers are driving compliance while saving 4,250 hours a year

See how Brex's AI-powered cards and expense management software are saving customers time and money.


October 2023

How to manage runaway SaaS spend

Tech CFO CJ Gustafson details how to save on SaaS spend in marketing, engineering, finance, and more.


September 2023

5 ways AI can accelerate expense management

See how an AI expense assistant can make compliance effortless for employees and drive unprecedented efficiency across your org.

WBR article preview

September 2023

Report: Procurement leaders seek automation and integration

Get insights from 100 finance and procurement leaders on the future of automation, the results they’re already seeing, and their priorities moving forward.


September 2023

Procurement: what it is and why it matters

Expert accountant discusses simple, proven solutions to the top 4 procurement problems.

AI accounting preview

August 2023

AI is your accounting team’s tireless teammate

Discover how AI-enabled insights and workflows are empowering accountants to make more informed decisions faster.

Group travel preview

August 2023

How group events are changing business travel

With offsites and conferences on the rise again, discover how you can streamline your planning and booking with group events in Brex travel.

Ready,set,close preview

August 2023

Using AI to close the books quickly and cleanly

Automate compliance and reconciliation to streamline your month, quarter, and year-end close.


August 2023

Vendor verification and payment controls for fast-moving companies

A cautionary tale on why finance leaders should institute thorough spend controls, vendor background checks, and payment approvals.

Live budgets preview (1)

August 2023

Live Budgets: Actionable, real-time spend data

With Brex’s proprietary Live Budgets, you can provision, track, and adjust spend in real time to increase accountability and ROI.

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August 2023

Spend management: From chaos to control with AI

Explore the benefits of adding AI to your finance tech stack, from smart policy controls to a chatbot assistant that handles finance-related inquiries.


August 2023

The enduring value of funding-driven fintech

Michael Tannenbaum, Brex's former CFO and COO, explains why the future is funding.

headshot photo of Michael Tannenbaum

Michael Tannenbaum


July 2023

AI in finance and the benefits for enterprises

Large orgs are lagging in finance AI adoption, but they stand to gain the most through automation and productivity improvements.


July 2023

How Avenue One closes the books faster with greater control over spend

Using Amex hindered automation and visibility for Avenue One. Now they manage spend in real time and close the books even faster with Brex.


July 2023

Alchemy automates work with a unified 'procure to pay 2.0' platform

Hear from Alchemy about how the need for scalability and real-time insight led them to unify their spend.


July 2023

How to hire the best controller

Looking to make your next strategic finance hire? Here are a few dozen questions to ask to help you separate a good controller from an amazing one.


July 2023

Why finance leaders are embracing AI-powered spend management

Some firms are using AI to increase control and ward off problems in finance and accounting. Are you?


June 2023

How Superhuman gained real-time control over spend while saving 40+ hours per month

Superhuman couldn’t track its spend with Expensify or Bill.com. Now they’re proactively controlling spend and saving “multiple days per month” with Brex.


June 2023

The ultimate guide to spend management software

Take a tour of the spend management landscape and see why growing midmarket and enterprise orgs with a global presence thrive with Brex.

challenges-w:-global-spend preview image

June 2023

5 reasons finance leaders struggle to manage global spend

To successfully expand globally, finance leaders need to operate locally. Here’s why it’s so difficult to do so.


May 2023

AI, automation, and the future of accounting

Will AI replace my accountants? Probably not, says this CFO, but look for accounting roles to become more specialized as AI and automation go into hyperdrive.


May 2023

A CFO’s checklist for going international

Getting people paid, managing expenses, taxes & accounting — there’s a lot to consider before expanding operations in a new country.


May 2023

5 disciplines to maintain for success in any economic environment

Good discipline holds up in every economic climate. Here’s what to prioritize today for long-term success.

headshot photo of Doug Adamic

Doug Adamic

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May 2023

Most corporate travel solutions only solve half the problem

Many T&E providers that began as travel tools are still trying to catch up on the expense side.


April 2023

How CFOs are thinking about software purchases today

As they do more to control spend, CFOs should be asking these questions before approving a new SaaS tool.

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April 2023

Cost discipline, expense management & understanding spend allocation

Management teams will be increasingly evaluated for their efforts in maintaining cost discipline, writes this SaaS analyst. So how will you be remembered?


April 2023

How CFOs think about travel spend

This tech CFO shares why business travel spend is such a headache and how to think about policies and budgets so you get more visibility and control.


March 2023

Driving efficiency through ownership

Anonymous finance exec OnlyCFO explores the lack of financial ownership among high-growth companies — and identifies four solutions.


March 2023

A CFO’s SVB post mortem

Here’s what one tech CFO is prioritizing after the collapse of SVB. Are you on the same page?


March 2023

How to book travel and manage spend for your next sales kickoff.

To introduce Brex travel, two of our leaders shed light on the process of booking and expensing our first in-person sales kickoff using our own tools.


January 2023

Balancing act: Can you save and spend concurrently?

Learn how financial leaders at three high-growth companies are practicing financial discipline and adapting to a changed economic environment.


January 2023

How SeatGeek uses Brex for global expense management

Hear from SeatGeek on how they’re building a scalable, sustainable financial stack for their growing global business.


January 2023

A world where value can be created from everywhere

Our co-founder and co-CEO Henrique Dubugras sat down with veteran reporter Rosanna Lockwood to discuss globalization and economic opportunity.


January 2023

Can spend management be a strategic advantage instead of a chore?

Spend management is broken. Traditional approaches haven’t kept up. We evaluate the landscape today — and how to fix it.


January 2023

Building a culture of financial discipline and empowering smarter spend

Anine Bing, Avenue One, and Fireblocks are building a culture of financial discipline and empowering smarter spend. So can you.


December 2022

How Menlo Security plans to drive growth in a down market

Menlo Security CFO David Eckstein shares tips and best practices for planning in an uncertain macro.


November 2022

Beating economic headwinds — is your growth strategy ready?

Three CFOs share which financial strategies they are using to set their companies up for growth in any market.


November 2022

How CFOs can promote a culture of financial discipline

Here's what leading CFOs on the frontlines shared with us about how they empower teams to spend smarter and sustain momentum in a downturn.


September 2022

New rules for winning in an economic downturn

CFOs can play a crucial role in sustaining growth during economic downturns. Here are six timely tips from leaders who are doing just that.

nav-article-high growth companies

September 2022

Why high-growth companies are switching spend management platforms

We asked CFOs and finance executives what they look for in a modern spend solution — and here’s what they said.


September 2022

Rippling Integration

Brex and Rippling are even better together with first-of-its-kind features to drive employee compliance and efficient spending, all in one place.

Blog image for Tender Offer 2022

May 2022

Brex Closes $250 Million Employee Liquidity Program

Today, we are pleased to announce the closing of a $250 million private tender offering.

headshot photo of Henrique Dubugras

Henrique Dubugras


May 2022

Brex takes cards and spend management global across 100+ countries.

We’re extending Empower to serve employees from US-based companies across more than 100 countries with the same experience as those in the US.


April 2022

Meet Empower

Today we’re announcing Empower, a new software platform designed to enable a culture of trust and financial discipline at scale.


February 2022

How Brex helps founders work smarter, from anywhere.

Brex understands what founders need and has innovated on traditional financial systems to help you manage your finances more easily, from anywhere — so you can focus on building, not banking.


January 2022

Better than a bank: cash, cards, and spend management on the go.

With the Brex mobile app, we empower fast-growing companies to spend smarter and scale faster no matter where they are.


January 2022

Brex Now Integrates with 1Password to Make Secure Spending Seamless

We've partnered with 1Password, the world’s leading password manager, to make online checkouts even easier, faster, and more secure for our customers.

Empower Background
Empower Background

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