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The best Concur alternative for travel expense management? Brex

Using outdated tools like Concur actually creates more work for employees and finance teams.

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Brex vs concur
Brex vs concur

The best Concur alternative for travel expense management? Brex

Using outdated tools like Concur actually creates more work for employees and finance teams.

With Concur, you don't know what you're missing.

Concur gained widespread adoption in the 1990s as businesses sought to improve how they managed their expenses. While it brought digital technology into a previously analog process, Concur wasn’t built for today’s increasingly complex, high-speed, and global business operations.

With Concur, you literally see what a legacy travel and expense management solution looks like. Mobile support costs extra, employees have to submit and match their receipts manually, 24/7 support for your entire team doesn’t exist, and managers waste countless hours reviewing every expense report line item.

Compare Brex and Concur and see the difference →

It shouldn’t be this way today as global organizations, geo-dispersed teams, and on-the-go workforces become the norm. And it doesn’t have to be.

A modern spend management solution like Brex does what Concur couldn’t do with a decades-long headstart. Brex automates expense reports to drive policy compliance and accuracy with one AI-powered platform and brings travel and expense management into the future. It’s why our CRO left Concur to join Brex.

Read on to discover why large companies and global enterprises that are tired of inefficiency, cost leakage, low expense policy compliance, and low travel program adoption are leaving Concur for Brex.

Brex vs. Concur.

Beyond the complexity of their platform, outdated UI, numerous integration challenges, and the hefty price tag, Concur falls short in a number of business-critical areas for today’s finance leaders.

Here are the top three reasons global finance leaders are switching from Concur to Brex for expense management and travel.

1. Automated compliance
One of the top complaints about Concur is the amount of manual work required for employees to comply with expense policies. Expense management technology is supposed to reduce the amount of work needed to fill out expense reports and complete the month-end close, not create more. It’s 2023, so why are teams still gathering and uploading receipts to load into Concur on their desktop devices? Why are managers reviewing every line item in an expense report instead of the exceptions?

Brex’s expense experience makes it easy for employees to comply. Brex automates document collection right from your mobile device and can auto-match receipts with transactions from your email, WhatsApp, Slack, and SMS messages.

Additionally, our AI-powered Brex Assistant helps employees with questions and tasks so they can self-serve instead of taking up valuable time from managers or finance teams. Brex AI can also follow commands so users can offload tasks and further automate expense workflows.

2. Real-time visibility
Concur doesn’t offer a unified corporate card and expense management solution. So how do you know if people are overspending or if budgets are on track it takes days for your card transactions to appear in your system dashboard?

Brex makes it easy to proactively provision spend for specific purposes with auto-enforced policies and customized controls. With Brex’s Live Budgets™, you can track actuals against those budgets in real time to make adjustments as needed. All of this creates an easy way to stop unwanted spend before it happens instead of chasing it after it's gone with Concur.

Additionally, Brex AI flags anomalous activity, such as expensive purchases or expenses that exceed per-diem limits, to help you keep everyone on budget globally.

3. Global capabilities
Concur offers limited worldwide support in part because it partners with external card programs like Amex, which don’t have strong global coverage or local currency support. This also makes it challenging to reconcile foreign transactions without complicated system add-ons.

To get the full picture of their global spend, teams have to access siloed systems to gather all of their spending data and even manually calculate currency exchange. When teams are spending more time on manual work, they spend less time on analysis and reporting that will actually drive the business forward.

With Brex, you can operate anywhere in the world with cards, reimbursements, and billing in the local currency, so you can avoid foreign transaction fees and expedite reimbursements for international employees. Brex also supports more countries and currencies than anyone else, including the Canadian dollar, euro, pound, and shekel.

“We chose to switch from Concur to Brex because of Brex’s tech-forward approach to managing spend. We were blown away by Brex’s ability to manage and track compliance in real-time, and automate employee expense reports and our month-end processes all in one system.”

— Alex Moiseev, Financial Controller, Psycho Bunny

Brex: the superior Concur alternative.

Those who’ve been saddled with Concur over the last few years may not understand what a premium travel expense management solution looks like. Brex’s AI-powered, integrated platform paints a clear picture with automation and efficiency guiding each brushstroke.

See why real users prefer Brex over Concur →

With one app to manage expenses, travel, bill pay, and procurement everywhere your teams need it, you can control spend before it happens, drive compliance, and reduce the manual work that leads to inefficiencies.

Our platform offers unmatched automation and efficiency with:

  • A global corporate card accepted in 40-plus countries and available in more than 20 currencies — instead of just the few dictated by a third-party card vendor.

  • A single system to manage your global spend, so you have one efficient process and one unified experience everyone in your organization can understand.

  • A corporate travel solution to easily book business travel and manage group events with fully integrated card and spend controls so employees stay in policy and on budget.

  • Automated bill payments using AI-powered invoice scanning and automated approvals to accelerate your Accounts Payable processes.

  • Physical and virtual purchase cards (p-cards) so you can bring unprecedented visibility, flexibility, and control to your procurement spend.

“The transparency into spend that Brex provides our team is unparalleled. Our finance partners are ecstatic to be able to see how spend is trending at any point in time. We don’t get that with legacy systems."

— Jerome Barley, Head of Global Travel & Expense, DoorDash

Bring your travel and expense management into the future.

More companies are switching from SAP Concur to Brex because our AI-powered spend management platform makes expense management easy — for employees, for finance teams, and for the entire organization. You’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner.

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Looking for an alternative to Concur?

Check out our comparison webpage to see how Brex outperforms Concur for expense management.

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Looking for an alternative to Concur?

Check out our comtparison webpage to see how Brex outperforms Concur for expense management.

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See what Brex can do for you.

Learn how our spend platform can increase the strategic impact of your finance team and future-proof your company.

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