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Launch your startup faster with Brex and Stripe Atlas.

New founders can now deposit and use cash in minutes instead of weeks.

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Jun 18, 2024

Jun 18, 2024


Launch your startup faster with Brex and Stripe Atlas.

New founders can now deposit and use cash in minutes instead of weeks.

Optimize your cash from day one.

Founders need fast access to banking services from day one, and Brex and Stripe Atlas together make it incredibly easy by allowing you to apply for a Brex business account at the moment of incorporation.

You can now apply for a free Brex business account immediately after incorporating through Stripe Atlas, and non-US founders won’t have to wait weeks or months for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. This partnership ensures you can put your money to work right away and get your startup off the ground faster.

Stripe Atlas is a trusted, easy-to-use platform for global founders to incorporate U.S. companies and turn their business dreams into reality. In fact, in 2024, 1 in 6 new Delaware C corporations incorporates with Stripe Atlas. And with 1 in 3* U.S. startups using Brex, this powerhouse partnership offers unparalleled expertise to the startup community.

Ready to launch your next big idea? Get started with Brex and Stripe Atlas now to fast-track your time to market.

Start your business with strong cash management.

Any delays in accessing banking services and leveraging the cash you do have can delay launching other areas of your business. When you can open a Brex business account without waiting until the IRS processes your EIN filing, depositing, protecting, and managing your money won’t slow you down.

In my 20-plus years working with founders, cash management isn’t immediately top of mind for them, and it’s not a core component of most startup accelerator programs. However, getting it right can save you a lot of worry down the road.

A Brex business account** provides a powerful cash management tool right out of the gate. With Brex, startups can:

  • Access a full-featured checking account through Column N.A., Member FDIC

  • Get FDIC insurance up to $6M through our program banks

  • Earn industry-leading yield from your first dollar

  • Access 100% of their funds anytime

  • Send and receive fast payments in almost every currency

And for a limited time, when you incorporate your business with Stripe Atlas and qualify to open a new Brex business account, we’ll fully reimburse your Delaware C-Corp incorporation fee (a $500 value) once you’re approved.***

Stripe login
Stripe login

Choosing the right financial partner is critical.

Perhaps the most significant piece of this partnership for founders is the long-term impact.

More than a year after the Silicon Valley Bank failure, a startup’s approach to managing its finances is more important than ever. Choosing a financial partner that uniquely understands the startup landscape can accelerate how fast you grow.

Startup lending is down amid higher interest rates, and VCs are taking a more measured approach to investing. They are prioritizing companies with strong cash management and clear paths to profitability. But even as venture funding slowed, Stripe Atlas saw record startup formation in 2023. Startups are just getting scrappier.

Today’s startups, then, have shifted their focus to becoming cash-flow positive faster, and they must find creative ways to extend their runway, gain more working capital, and drive efficient growth. That’s why partners like Brex, who provide financial solutions designed for startups, optimized for flexibility, and built for speed, are so important.

Our partnership with Stripe Atlas helps get your startup off the ground faster and ensures you have the financial partner to scale to the next level.

Get the only complete financial stack to scale your business.

Brex gives you all the tools you need to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and reach the next stage of growth faster.

In addition to business accounts, Brex offers a full financial stack for early-stage companies:

  • Unlock operating capital with higher credit limits — without a personal guarantee — and easily issue corporate cards + reimbursements

  • Pay vendors faster with automated bill pay and simplify all of your onboarding and payment processes.

  • Extend your runway with over $400K in discounts, founder-friendly rewards, exclusive invites to events with VCs in our network, and more.

Our team also loves meeting with founders regularly to learn about their experiences and understand their challenges. It’s important to me that we not only provide the right products to founders but also go above and beyond to help them grow their businesses.

Let’s connect on LinkedIn or X to see how Brex can help your business — whether that’s getting you to our founder events, connecting you with industry experts and VCs, or helping you hire an accountant and other service professionals.

Get started today.

Ready to launch faster and get the best business account for startups in one shot? Get started with Brex and Stripe Atlas — and get back to building in just a few clicks.

* Market share of customers activated on Brex out of all US-headquartered startups with <50 employees and have raised a professionally invested round in the last 8 quarters.

**Brex is a financial technology company, not a bank. Checking accounts and banking services provided by Column N.A., Member FDIC. Treasury and Vault accounts are provided by Brex Treasury LLC, Member FINRA/SIPC.

*** Terms and conditions apply, and are subject to change. Offer not available for existing Brex Business Account customers. New customers must complete the Stripe Atlas process and apply for and qualify for a Brex Business Account to take advantage of this promotion. Qualifying for a Brex Business Account is not guaranteed - learn more about eligibility criteria in the Brex Business Account Customer Agreement. $500 will be provided in the form of reward points, which are eligible for cash back, one month after opening a Brex Business Account. If we determine that you have engaged in abuse or misuse in connection with this promotion, we may cancel the rewards points or terminate your Brex account. We may modify or revoke this offer at any time.

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See what Brex can do for you.

Learn how our spend platform can increase the strategic impact of your finance team and future-proof your company.

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See what Brex can do for you.

Learn how our spend platform can increase the strategic impact of your finance team and future-proof your company.

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