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Brex and 1Password partner to make secure spending seamless

Create, access, and autofill Brex cards with 1Password to make online checkouts even faster and more secure.

Every business needs a quick, secure way for their team to make online purchases. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with 1Password, the world’s leading password manager, to make online checkouts even faster and more secure for our customers.

With our new 1Password integration, secure and frictionless payments are now available in just two clicks.

Here’s how it works:

Online payments made faster

Once you connect Brex with 1Password, a new Brex vault is created in your 1Password Teams or Business account.

All of your Brex cards will be securely stored and viewable in 1Password automatically, allowing you and your team to check out securely anywhere on the web using your Brex card in just two clicks.

You’ll also be able to use any of your Brex cards right at check out, without having to log in to the Brex dashboard. This makes it easier for teams to select the right card for their order, then check out quickly and seamlessly.

Using different Brex cards for different spend categories helps optimize expense management and keeps teams within budget, which is now easier than ever to manage with 1Password.

Automatically access and use any of your Brex cards at checkout.

Two-click card creation

Brex customers with admin account privileges will also be able to create unlimited virtual credit cards on the fly during check out, with access to all of the controls and customizations that are typically available in their Brex dashboard. This includes the ability to:

  • Create and name a new virtual card
  • Set or modify the card’s spending limit (you can set a monthly limit, yearly limit, or limit for the card’s lifetime)
  • Set the card expiration date

Pro tip: outsmart free trials by setting the expiration to next month and the spending limit to $1, so you never have to remember to cancel.

Admins can create, name, and set controls for new virtual cards directly at checkout.

Perks to get you started

Every growing company should take password security seriously. Our friends at 1Password are offering Brex customers a $100 credit to get started, redeemable by logging into your Brex rewards dashboard.

We’re also offering a 35,000 point bonus to 1Password customers who sign up for a Brex card and spend at least $3,000.

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