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How Brex helps founders work smarter, from anywhere.

Speed is key for startups, and most founders have more on their plate than hours in the day. If you’re a founder, it’s important to set yourself and your company up for maximum productivity.

Brex is committed to helping founders like you scale faster, and we’ve built our financial stack to fuel your productivity and growth, no matter where you work.

Here are 7 key ways Brex helps you free up more time and energy for innovation:


Expense software, corporate card, and business account in one solution built for scale.

Avoid the drain of having to log into multiple accounts and services to get the financial tools you need.

Using Brex for your card, business account, and expense software increases productivity by giving you a centralized view of your expenses and runway, as well as fast access to your cash and capital, from anywhere.

Your data will also stay in sync across systems, meaning you won’t have to manually transfer financial information across accounts, which saves hours during your month-end close.


“Previously, we used multiple systems for all this and I had to schedule a weekly time block to manage it all. Now I can do it in literally seconds with Brex."

— Cody Candee, cofounder, Bounce


Fast signup and setup, from wherever you work.

Traditional business banks generally have much slower approval times, and many of them also require founders to give a personal guarantee to qualify for credit.

The whole process takes up valuable time that could otherwise be spent running your business, and it also adds stress to something that should feel easy.

Brex’s underwriting gives you 10-20x higher credit limits with no personal guarantee or credit check, and you can start making FDIC-insured deposits in minutes, and get back to focusing on the things that matter most.


“Right away Brex gave us a credit limit that allowed our team to spend in order to meet company goals.”

— Ethan Christensen, CFO, Tiled


Flexibility to manage your finances from anywhere with our mobile app.

Most founders are on the move, so our mobile finance app makes it easy to check runway and handle financial tasks from anywhere.

With the intuitive Brex app, you can track and report on runway, send no-fee payments, lock cards, move money, and more, from your Android or Apple device.

The app’s home screen also prioritizes tasks like payment approvals, so you can unblock your team fast. And everyone can use the app to add receipts and memos to expenses — empowering their productivity.

“As a founder, my runway is my lifeline. Brex’s mobile app lets me track, manage, and report on Deel’s investor funds and burn rates with just a few taps from wherever I work.”

— Alex Bouaziz, Cofounder & CEO, Deel



Automation of expense tasks for you and your team.

Chasing receipts and entering invoices are productivity killers, so you need easy ways to automate your company’s spend workflows.

Brex includes spend management software that automates expenses and payments intelligently. You can set expense rules, automate receipt reminders, auto-match receipts by text or Slack, and get smart spend alerts. You can even enter and pay invoices just by forwarding an email.

Automation is an essential productivity booster for startups, and it’s built into Brex.


“I used to be a terrible culprit of not adding in my receipts and doing like, stupid memos and stuff. Brex makes it easy. Everyone gets time back in their day.”

— Ryan Chan, founder, UpKeep


Multiple accounts for any purpose to track cash flow and runway easily.

When you lump your funds in one account, it’s harder to track your cash flow because expenses across different categories are charged to one account.

Brex lets you create up to 8 accounts from your mobile app or dashboard, meaning you can separate investor funds from your daily expenses for easy runway tracking and reporting, and set aside funds for different purposes, such as payroll, taxes, and laptops.

You can also make deposits, transfers, and payments to and from any account instantly. It’s the easiest way to track cash flow.

“Brex has made us more productive. It’s made everybody’s lives easier.”

— Luis Rivera, CFO, G Squared



Virtual cards with custom limits for every vendor to control spend effortlessly.

Waiting for cards in the mail can cost you valuable business days, and reviewing every transaction isn’t the most productive use of time.

With Brex, you can issue virtual cards instantly to employees and vendors anywhere in the world — with custom spending limits and expiration dates, meaning you won’t have to check for overcharges, reimburse expenses, or share your own card details.

Payments are fast and easy when you add your Brex card to Apple or Google Pay, and Brex’s 1Password integration lets you pay online in two clicks and create new virtual cards at checkout, without having to sign into Brex.


“We moved our expenses to Brex and created departmental procurement cards, which make it very easy for us to empower our employees and track purchases.”

— Oguzhan Atay, BillionToOne


No account, transaction, or software fees to eat away your runway.

International wire fees are a drain on investor funds. So are foreign transaction fees, interest rates, and expense management software subscriptions.

Brex doesn’t charge any transactional or account fees or interest worldwide, so you have more control over where your money goes.

The less time you have to spend getting bogged down by pricing charts and upsells, the faster you can get up and running.

“Brex not only gave us access to the capital we needed, but also it gave us peace of mind knowing we were making those investments at the lowest possible cost of capital."

— Melanie Travis, Andie Swim


Spend smart, scale fast.

Get financial software and services designed for growth. All in one account.

Open an account

Spend smart, scale fast.

Get financial software and services designed for growth. All in one account.

Open an account

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