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Announcing our enhanced Rippling integration

Since 2019, our integration with Rippling — the unified workforce platform for effortless HR and IT management — has enabled our customers to automate corporate card issuance for a seamless onboarding experience. Now, Brex and Rippling are even better together with first-of-its-kind features to drive employee compliance and efficient spending, all in one place.

The expanded Brex + Rippling integration enables you to:

Give managers total visibility into team spend.

Team and department leads can sync Brex transaction, card, and vendor data with Rippling to report on all spend, right in Rippling. Using custom or pre-built reports, managers can identify spend patterns by department, location, and tenure to unlock key insights in an instant.

Stay on top of spend with automated workflows.

Your admins and managers will always stay up to date on spending with customizable notifications in Rippling’s Workflow Automator. For example, team leads can get granular with instant notifications for whenever an employee reaches their individual spending limit or makes a purchase from a specific merchant. These automated workflows can save countless hours for team leads, eliminating the need for manual reviews.

Meanwhile, you can also provide your finance team with high-level Slack summaries, outlining the company’s largest Brex transactions.

UI illustration of the integration

Automate card management from end to end.

We made it even easier to manage cards during onboarding, offboarding, and org chart changes. Now, you can quickly issue Brex cards to new employees with predetermined rules and spend limits based on Rippling’s role, department, and title data, without switching systems.

You can also block out-of-policy spend across your company by auto-locking cards when employees are offboarded or no longer meet card requirements.

UI illustration of the integration

Manage all Brex accounts, right in Rippling.

Whenever you hire, transition, or offboard an employee, their Brex account will automatically be created, updated, or suspended in Rippling.

Sign in to Brex faster and more securely via Single Sign On (SSO).

Employees can now sign in to their Brex account with a single click from the Rippling dashboard for enhanced security across all systems.

Save time and enhance team compliance.

Download the new Brex integration from the Rippling App Shop to get started today.

Download the integration

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