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How to improve your cash flow with Brex.

For many companies, cash flow management is a tedious, error-prone process relying on spreadsheets, manual data entry, and inconsistent forecasting methods. If you’re investigating how to improve cash flow and your cash management strategies, a recent IDC report has the guidance you need.

In their report on cash flow optimization, IDC estimates that manual cash management costs a typical Fortune 500 company more than $40 million a year due to inefficient use of cash, compliance missteps, and fraud. The downstream impact is equally significant — poor planning, missed investment opportunities, and potential regulatory penalties.

What if you could automate your current cash management processes, improve cash flow, and forecast future cash flows with more precision?

IDC says that generative AI shows particular promise in terms of cash flow optimization — transforming treasury operations through enhanced scenario modeling, decision-making support, process automation, and insight generation.

Read on to learn why Brex helps startups through enterprises optimize their cash flow processes and extend their working capital with AI.

How Brex AI improves cash management.

Artificial intelligence presents a transformative solution for many outdated finance functions, not the least of which are cash management operations. IDC suggests AI’s will greatly impact these key areas:

  • Forecasting and management: Static spreadsheet models, manual data entry, and simplistic methods incapable of handling complex scenarios are one-dimensional and error-prone.
  • Risk management fraud detection: Most businesses still rely on basic rules-based systems to detect irregular transactions or policy violations, but they miss more sophisticated fraud attempts.
  • Reporting and compliance: Finance teams waste countless hours manually compiling data from disparate systems into cash flow statements, financial reports, and audit materials. And trying to navigate rapidly changing compliance mandates through manual monitoring is an uphill battle.

Brex is ahead of the game in using AI and ML to automate tedious but crucial finance tasks. Read on to learn how Brex’s AI-powered platform will transform your cash management processes, extend your working capital, enhance risk management, and simplify reporting and compliance so you can spend more time on high-value activities.

Optimize your cash management strategy with Brex.

Brex is pioneering the future of cash management and corporate spending with an all-in-one solution powered by advanced AI and machine learning, all while seamlessly integrating with your existing finance infrastructure.

But what makes Brex different?

Brex provides high-yield cash management accounts, corporate credit cards, business travel and expense management, and automated bill pay on one AI-powered platform that integrates with accounting software to comprehensively improve cash flow.

Brex uses AI across our unified platform so you have the real-time data you need to produce accurate, real-time cash forecasts. Businesses gain full visibility into cash positions along with intelligent recommendations to strategically utilize cash.

With Brex, leading companies can:

  • Automate expense reconciliation and reporting to eliminate manual busywork and instantly generate accurate cash flow forecasts under any scenario.
  • Use advanced anomaly detection to instantly flag suspicious activity patterns, identify policy violations, and bolster fraud monitoring and compliance.
  • Get real-time, comprehensive visibility into cash positions and auto-generate balance sheets and cash flow statements.

With Brex, you can finally break free from archaic cash flow processes and accelerate operational efficiency, mitigate risk, optimize strategic cash utilization, and extend your working capital.

Improve your cash flow today.

For businesses still relying on manual, outdated cash management strategies and legacy processes, the impetus to evolve has never been greater. AI-powered solutions like Brex eliminate operational bottlenecks, surface insights in real-time, and empower cash flow optimization.

To learn how to improve cash flow processes and extend your working capital, check out IDC’s best practices for building an effective cash management strategy.


Improve your cash flow with IDC’s recommendations.

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Improve your cash flow with IDC’s recommendations.

Group 48098558 (12)

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