Troubleshooting Brex BIC

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Brex recently transitioned to a new banking partner for international wires to help simplify and expedite the process of receiving international wires from your vendors. As part of this transition, your instructions for receiving international wires are changing. However, some financial institutions may not recognize our new BIC (CLNOUS66BRX) if they haven’t updated their BIC database. If you run into issues, here are a few options for actions you can take to get your bank or your vendor’s bank to recognize the BIC:

  1. Escalate the issue with your bank or vendor’s support team. Please follow the instructions in the Bic and SSI help section above to resolve the problem.
  2. Provide your vendor or banking provider with your account verification letter, which confirms your account number and BIC.
  3. If your bank or vendor still can’t update their BIC database, email your bank and CC so that we can work with them directly to resolve this issue.

Please reach out to Brex Support if you have any questions.

BIC and SSI help

BIC (Business Identifier Code) and Standard Settlement Instructions (SSIs) are maintained by the SWIFT network and updated periodically with information on new financial institutions. Brex recently transitioned to a new BIC (CLNOUS66BRX). In order to maintain successful transactions with Brex, financial institutions and payment processors will need to update their internal databases. Please refresh your internal database to include Brex’s new BIC (CLNOUS66BRX) and SSIs. You can validate our BIC on the official SWIFT website and access our SSIs via SWIFT-provided routing tables or other information providers, such as LexisNexis. If you use a third-party payment provider, they must update their database to reflect changes within your systems. If you send an email to to connect us with your bank or third-party processor, we can work with them directly to make the necessary updates.

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