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How customers use Brex to power their companies.

Driving real-time reconciliation with Brex Empower and NetSuite.

See how Medicinal Genomics boosts efficiency, compliance, and the bottom line with Brex Empower.

Medicinal Genomics

March 2023

Superhuman gains visibility and control with Brex’s total spend platform

Superhuman is saving 4 hours per month on expense reporting and keeping teams on budget — all while improving the user experience — by switching to Brex for all-in-one expense management.


December 2022

DoorDash enables global spending with built-in controls and improves visibility

DoorDash enables global spending with built-in controls and improves visibility with Brex Empower.


October 2022

Scale AI scales faster with Brex Empower

See how Scale AI has grown from a few employees to 700 and enabled their teams to spend smart and move fast worldwide with Brex Empower.


September 2022

Avenue One drives automation and data accuracy with Brex Empower and NetSuite

With the direct integration, Avenue One mapped their GL account tree directly into Brex, automating the flow of data for speed and accuracy.


July 2022

Empire Portfolio Group gains real-time visibility of spend with Brex Empower

Empire Portfolio Group is on track to continue its impressive growth and dream-big mission, with the strength of Empower and the support of Brex behind them.

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